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I’m not one much for fan art. But I do make exceptions for things I really, really like and times when the outside pressures of academic requirements compel me to fill paper with drawings.

That’s right. I drew a pikachu and a loth-cat for homework!

I needed to fill my art journal and lately I’ve been watching Star Wars: Rebels and the Pokemon movie Zoroark: Master of Illusions and I thought, hey, I could draw pikachu and a loth-cat. Which was a lot harder than I expected. Pikachu is that adorable style of kawaii creature that I struggle to draw because I learned how to draw by studying real animals’ proportions and loth-cats are also hard because, well, their anatomy doesn’t work like real animals either (have you seen a loth-cat blink?)

But learning to draw fan art is good practice because it forces you to explore other styles of art and utilize stylization. And the result is just so flippin’, ridiculous, oh-my-squee cute because it’s pikachu and a loth-cat for crying out loud!

Vote For Pokemon's Super Bowl Commmercial In This Year's YouTube Ad Blitz

Vote For Pokemon’s Super Bowl Commmercial In This Year’s YouTube Ad Blitz

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In case you aren’t aware, the Super Bowl is finally over and the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers – with the final score being 24-10. Pokemon’s 20th anniversary TV spot was among the multiple commercials that aired during the game, which means it’s time to vote for your favorite Super Bowl advert in this year’s YouTube Ad Blitz. Naturally, The Pokemon Company is asking fans to choose…

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Dear Shiny Hunters...

My name is Eric. And, I’m a HUGE Pokemon fan… Or, atleast I was… I do this a lot. Writing on my laptop’s Notepad, just to get my thoughts out. Ya’ know, treating it like a diary of sorts. My therapist recommended it, actually… Ugh, but don’t even get me started on him… He doesn’t believe a word I say. Let alone, words I type.

Anyway, I, um… Well, I mentioned Pokemon for a reason… I’m what you’d consider to be a “shiny hunter”. I like chaining, and DexNaving on all of the different routes of my Omega Ruby copy, trying to find shiny Pokemon for my collection. The thrill. The anticipation. It’s a feeling that’s unmatched, and indescribable.

It all happened about two weeks ago… After a sucessful DexNav for a shiny Skitty, I decided to make my way into Rusturf Tunnel and do some hoarding for my next one. For those whom don’t know, the only Pokemon that can be encountered in Rusturf Tunnel is Whismur. So, it goes without saying that this was probably going to be my easiest shiny hunt yet. Or, so I thought.

I made my way into the Tunnel and began the hoard encounters. Five at a time the Whismur began popping up. Every single time, the same expression on all of them; eyes closed, mouth open. Almost looking terrified. I laughed. For a split second, wondering to myself why Whismur looked so petrified.

Hours passed. I must’ve encountered, and fainted at least 600 Whismur by now. I checked the DexNav. It read 603. I shook my head. I probably encountered one, or two during the game’s main adventure. But, I was sure that I’d seen around an even 600 during this one sitting. “That’s a lot of fainted Whismur…” I morbidly joked to myself. “ I wonder how many are in the population, Haha…”

A few dozen more hoard encounters later, and my eyes started growing tired. I looked at my cell phone. It read 2:32 A.M. “One more encounter, and I’m off to bed for the night.” I sighed.

I squinted my eyes as the night’s final group of Whismur appeared on the screen. I figured it must’ve been my tired eyes, but, this group of Whismur looked… different. They almost looked… angry. I rubbed my eyes, looking at the 3DS screen once again. I saw the regular old scared Whismur that I was used to seeing. Playing it off as a trick of the mind, I shrugged, and went to bed.

The next day, the first thing I did upon waking up, was turned on my 3DS. As I open the Omega Ruby application, there was a slight lag in the launch. But, other than that, everything seemed normal. As the game started, I saw my player standing in the middle of Rusturf Tunnel, right where I had left him.

As I went in my party to tell my Gloom to use Sweet Scent, weird text appeared that I had never seen before. After I clicked Sweet Scent, It asked me; “Are you sure?” Along with a “Yes or No” Prompt. Thinking nothing of it at the time, I clicked “Yes”. The encounter came up. The five Whismur appeared… I didn’t know if my eyes were still tired, or what. But, they looked… upset… Almost like they didn’t want to battle…

As a small sense of guilt hit me, I quickly fainted them. “What’s wrong with me?” I thought to myself. “I shouldn’t feel guilty… Fainting opposing Pokemon is part of the game…”

As the encounters continued on, the Whismur’s expressions grew more, and more angry. Before I knew it I was close to 1000 encounters, still with no shiny. As the DexNav read “994”, my heart began to race, for some reason. Maybe my body knew something that my mind didn’t.

The five Whismur popped up on screen. By now, they looked furious. My jaw dropped, as I read the text on screen. My Manectric looked over to me; “Sparxx looked over at Eric with uneasy eyes…”. I had never seen that text before. “It’s okay, Sparxx”, I stupidly whispered to my pixelated, shiny Manectric, reassuring him. As I clicked Discharge, the screen read more odd text. “Sparxx is hesitant to attack… force him…?”, Along with another, “Yes or No” prompt. My fingers began to hesitate. But, all I could think about, was at long last, having that shiny Whismur for my collection. I clicked “Yes”. Sparxx hesitantly used Discharge to faint the latest batch of opposing Pokemon.

As the battle screen faded out, a fairly high-pitched squeal came through my 3DS speakers. In fact, it was so loud that the audio distorted a bit. The sound however… sounded very familiar… It sounded like the distorted cry… of a Whismur.

I quickly glanced at the DexNav. It was at 999. I frantically clicked Sweet Scent once more. However, this time, instead of five, only a single Whismur appeared on screen. It’s color, instead of the pale Pink of a normal Whismur, or the Lime Green of a shiny one, was a ghostly White… It’s expression, carried an indescribable anger. An anger that still, to this day, sends chills down my spin whenever I think about it.

In a panic, while trying to access my bag, I accidentally hit the “Run” button. “No!” I shouted outloud. Even amidst my panic, I still had the sense to try and catch the odd looking Whismur so I could show all of my friends online. I felt a mixture of fear, and relief as I read the words, “Sparxx is frozen in fear” on the screen.

Relishing my second chance, I quickly selected an Ultra Ball out of my bag. Whismur’s catchrate is so high, I figured, that even at full health, an Ultra Ball would catch it for sure. My eyes widened in surprise, as the ball didn’t even shake once before the Whismur broke out of it.

Then, it was the Whismur’s turn to attack. “Wild Whismur used Fake Tears.” I carefully observed the screen as the Fake Tears animation played. But… Instead of the normal animation…. All that happened was that… two single Red tears began to slowly trickle down each eye of the pale Whismur. “Oh my God…” I said aloud, as my Manectric turned toward me. “Sparxx is feeling uneasy…” The screen read once again.

Without thinking, I quickly grabbed my Master Ball out of my bag. I was in awe. The Master Ball; The ball that could supposedly catch ANY Pokemon without fail, didn’t even shake once as the Whismur broke out. I was out of ideas. I couldn’t run. I obviously couldn’t catch the thing. This was turning into a nightmare…. All I could do, was observe it’s next move…

“Wild Whismur used Disarming Voice”.

Suddenly, a loud screech began playing over my 3DS speakers. A sound so loud that I couldn’t even begin to recreate it if I tried. A sound that still haunts me. It sounded like an extremely loud cry… of a Whismur.

I frantically checked my 3ds volume…. It was all the way down…

I began holding my ears. The screeching was too intense to withstand for much longer… Suddenly. Abruptly. The unbearable sound stopped. My 3Ds had turned off… It couldn’t have been the battery… It was plugged into the charger.

I picked up the Black game system, my ears still ringing, and turned it on once more… The game started up normally, but now, all sounds, all music in the game, every cry, EVERYTHING had been replaced by the high-pitched squealing of a Whismur. I checked my party. All of my friends were still there.. But their sprites… They all appeared pale. Colorless. Their expressions; angry. Full of distain. Like- like that Whismur.

Why!? Why couldn’t I just leave those poor little Whismur alone!? I was… I was… selfish. Maybe if I would’ve realized the value of Pokemon beyond that of a different color palette. Now, all I can think about is the angry faces of those Whismur I’d encountered. And that of my former virtual friends…

I haven’t touched a game system since that incident… If you learn anything from reading this… Let it be, that Sometimes… A change in color palette… isn’t always a good thing…


ITS NOT REGULAR ART BUT GUYS LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! Chandelure and Banette as hats :O!! The Banette zipper can zip and unzip too! 

The person making them (Capumon) is doing some kind of limited run of these hats for $30 each which INCLUDES shipping in the US o_o. I’m promo-ing them because if they don’t sell at least 15 each they won’t get made and uh.. obviously i want them so LOL, you can buy chandelure here and banette here

Sorry to spam you guys, but aren’t they cool? They have so few fans on facebook i’m scared they won’t sell enough and i won’t be able to own them :’D


Pokemon Fan Issue 39 Merch News

(from top to bottom)

  • Sleepy Pikachu Pitapoke figure and sticker book (includes stickers of Pokemon that currently do not have Pitapoke figures) - January 14th, 2015
  • Wiggling Goomy Plush (pull the cord and he shakes) - end of December, 2014
  • TsumuTsumu (stackable) Pokemon figures - beginning of December, 2014
  • New batch of Takara Tomy plush - ORAS starters come out end of November, 2014 Braixen and Frogadier come out end of December, 2014
  • Sleepy Pokemon Part 2 - gacha prize, last week of December, 2014
  • Pokemon Kids Figures part 1 (right) - beginning of December, 2014
  • Pokemon Kids Figures part 2 (left) - sometime January, 2015
  • Pikachu Cosplay Plush (so far only two announced, but more information will be coming soon!) - December 20th, 2014