pokemon expert emerald

Team after 5th Gym/Norman. Mikasa pretty much one hit everything before the leader with Focus Punch (normal attacks don’t affect her - gonna suck having her as Fairy instead of Ghost in X/Y, but awesome at the same time for Dragons) Norman wasn’t too hard, until his fucking Stantler that had Psychic (srs? I thought this was a Normal gym. Who are you, Koga?) wiped out pretty much my entire team except for Mikasa, who I swiftly had use Crunch. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving Blissey alive until the end (simply because leftovers and softboiled are annoying as fuck) so she had maxed out her evasiveness. Plus, Norman kept using full restores on Slaking, so I couldn’t do much about him. Anyways, after like 6 successful Rock Smashes (lowers defense) I was finally able to one hit her with a Focus Punch. Thank Zeus that Mikasa/Mawile is Ghost type, and also that she’s female (Blissey had attract, too) and not gay xD. But yeah, it took like 30 minutes just to beat Blissey and Slaking, which was honestly about 90% of the battle. If this is the 5th gym, how crazy will the E4 be?

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