pokemon essentials starter kit

Oh my god… okay, so my last post about “Pokesona” exploded a little bit, so I guess I should give you guys some more info?

This game is going to be a Persona 4 remake using the Pokemon Essentials Starter Development Kit made for RPG Maker XP.  Using this kit to make a P4 game has been bouncing around in my head for some time, and as you can see from the image there’s not much done yet.  The only thing I’ve done, other than the male and female protagonist images and the background image here is script the introduction.  Both the intro and title screen are using images not made specifically for this game as place holders, so I won’t be showing them here (mostly because I don’t know who the original artists are and don’t want to disrespect anyone).

The main challenge with this so far is not adapting the Starter Kit to Persona, but adapting Persona to the Starter Kit.  I’m not a very good programmer; the most I can do is some very basic stuff (and a little bit of battle animation programming in That Sideview Script for RPG Maker VX who’s name eludes me at the moment).  So far, the game will operate as follows:

  • There will still be a linear storyline, meaning you will have a set amount of time to rescue people, certain events will happen on certain days, ect. Not much different from regular P4 there.
  • Female route has almost completely different dialogue in some areas, though the general story remains the same.
  • Instead of Shadows in random encounters, the player will be able to capture “dark” versions of Personae, similar to the dark Pokemon from certain games.  Traveling with the Protagonist will help purify them, and they’ll be able to be used.  Boss fights stay the same.
  • On that note, there are extra bosses.  You can hate me for that later.
  • The Velvet Room serves as a PC box, and the Compendium is where you swap your Personae around.  No more buying Personae, and you can have multiples!
  • However, getting money will be harder for all those shiny items to help your Personae stay healthy.  Also, Personae skill slots are limited to four skills just like in Pokemon.
  • Like in P3P, regardless of the protagonists gender, you can choose either Margaret or Theo as your Velvet Room attendant.  You’re welcome.
  • And yes, I’m considering Theo as a romance option for the femtag.  Also Yosuke for the male route.  I haven’t decided 100% on either.
  • Back on tangent, the day/night system from Pokemon games will only be in effect in the TV world.  This will allow for different Personae to be available for capture at different times, and maybe something extra at Midnight if I can implement it.  More on that later.

Now, for what’s done… not a whole heck of a lot.  What you see here and in my last post, and also the version of Aria of the Soul that I sequenced for this is about it.  As I said, Igor’s intro is scripted and functioning, but none of the graphics are final at the moment, and even how the male and female protagonists are presented as seen before may change.

This is going to be a pretty massive undertaking, and there will be A LOT of images to do, just of the different Personae alone.  I will make a call for spriting help at some point, but that will come when more of the game is programmed.

I’ll have more information available as things change!  All of my posts for this will be tagged with “Pokesona” if you want to follow the progress that way.