Poke-Maxwell Species Explanation Reveal:

Shedinja… the Pokemon who- for all intents and purposes- is dead.  Shedinjas mysteriously appear in your party if there’s an open slot for a free Pokemon after Nincada evolves into Ninjask.  They are the empty husk of the Nincada/Ninjask that they were, made alive through some sort of dark magic or divine force.  Almost as if a piece of Ninjask’s soul still persists in the shell…

I chose Maxwell to be Ninjask and Shedinja, because as her body is laid to rest her soul- the memories and influences she left/made on the people who knew her- still carries on.  Rest in piece, Alana Maxwell- you’re never truly forgotten.


Pixiv ID: 13915255
Member: 部田野ヨコスキー


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