pokemon electric type gym leader

Lt. Surge the lighting american. ‘MERIKA!!!

I love how america is canon in pokemon universe, thought I guess he would be from unova now, huh?


Lt. Surge Headcanons

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  • Although Surge frequently talks, both in and out of interviews, about how his pokémon saved him during the war, his old military companions are mostly forbidden from competing in official tournaments. Strict laws forbid ex-military pokémon from commercialised matches, for fear that they will fight with excessive force and permanently injure their opponents. Surge’s raichu is the only war companion that he is permitted to use, as it never underwent official military training and acted more as a personal ally than anything else. 
  • He doesn’t have an indoor voice. His laugh is terrifyingly loud.
  • He’s old-school in that he isn’t fond of TMs. He doesn’t completely object to their use, but he’s of the firm belief that move tutors will always be superior, despite there being little evidence for his viewpoint.
  • As a Gym Leader and thus a teacher, he is scarily strict with the professionals who come to him for guidance, stamping down on the first signs of arrogance and keeping them in line. With novices and kids, however, he’s incredibly gentle and encouraging.  
  • Lt. Surge most notably served in an America-based war that grew from conflicts between the north and south regions, but was posted to numerous other regions during the entirety of his military service. He has some grasp on French due to his time spent in Kalos, even though he isn’t quite fluent.
  • Although a proud military man and a poster boy for traditional masculinity, he adores pikachu to the point that he turns into a blubbering, cooing mess whenever he meets one. 
  • He uses his index finger to scroll on his smart phone. Needless to say, he’s not that great with technology.  
  • His spoken Japanese is passable, but his written leaves a lot to be desired. Living in an industrialised trading city like Vermilion, where rates of English speakers are above 90%, there is little need for him to perfect his Japanese - he knows what he knows through circumstance and courtesy to the culture. 

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