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voidcactus  asked:

What's your most obscure favorite Pokemon? One that you absolutely adore, but have never, ever spoken of.

OH GEEZ UH, I’ve always lowkey loved Tangrowth, Heatmor, and Maractus. Tangrowth is a weird one for me especially because I never use them, but they’ve always been super endearing to me somehow?

the signs as male characters that tumblr fandoms have fixated on and reinterpreted to the point of them being unrecognizable in order to fit them into their preferred character archetypes

aries: bill cipher

taurus: sans

gemini: wheatley

cancer: junkrat

leo: that new skull dude from pokemon fuck if i know his name

virgo: loki

libra: the onceler

scorpio: the clock from don’t hug me i’m scared

sagittarius: komaeda

capricorn: gamzee

aquarius: kylo ren

pisces: pick any one of the white dudes from supernatural

Everyone’s all like “Mimikyu in the game is so cute and misunderstood  and Mimikyu in the anime is so mean they are completely different!” like no, in game, Mimikyu forced you into battle with dream-and-emotion-eating ghosts, and when that didnt kill you it lured into a room of an abandoned mall that doesnt even exist, backed you into a corner which the walls are filled with pictures of its hated enemy, pikachu, and attacked you in cold blood