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((Since I’m still pretty bad at interacting with other daily/ask blogs, I decided that I’m going to make fanart for some of my favorite daily/ask poke-blogs at least once a week! :] I want to share how much I love these blogs, and how much they’ve motivated me to make mine!

Starting with the first daily blog I’ve followed… @dailyshinycutiefly !! Both hilarious and cute, seeing Blush in my dashboard always manages to make me smile. :D))

Bonus drawings feat. Pharos:

I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  


They’re there with them and today they shall be awakened

Art by my friend Straw

This is still his old stuff from before…I’ll be out tomorrow too, gonna just leave this at the front of the Window

(Possession-ish AU by the way; does it count as “possession” when both minds exist in the same body…like isn’t “possession” more “completely taking over”?)


Commissions Prices:

Sketch: $2; Lines: $5; Colour: $8
Complex Colour: $15

Sketch: $5; Lines: $8; Colour: $12
Complex Colour: $20

Sketch: $8; Lines: $12; Colour: $16
Complex Colour: $30

Examples of sketches can be found [ here ]

I provide wips as I work

I won’t draw:

  • explicit nsfw
  • heavy gore
  • mechs/robots/motor vehicles
  • problematic ships

I have the right to refuse commissions

I can accept payment through paypal at anyssacolettepc@gmail.com 
If you’re unable to commission me, reblogs are super appreciated!!

Oh geez first post here
This is basically gonna be an art only blog but my normal blog is @mirrorbuttvevo but that’s just shitposting :^)))
Oh also this is a drawing of commander holly’s pokemon sun playthrough