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Quick! What are everyone's favorite Eeveelutions?


Michael: Okay not to seem totally cliche and choose the opposite of my boyfriend to match but uhh I really love Umbreon? Especially the shiny version? Hell yeah.

Christine: Sylveon!! It’s so pink and cute and pretty!

Rich: Isn’t mine super obvious? Flareon, duh. And Jake’s is Jolteon!

I’m thinking about reuploading the RG Project but with even more changed dialogue, down to the NPCs on a ton of the routes and cities, an actual way to capture all 150 Pokemon (including fossils and any other version exclusives I happened to leave out, and those that evolve through trading, and Mew as well probably?), and basically just make it even more gay than it was originally, what do you guys think?

I Choose You

McHanzo Week Day 3: Undercover/Downtime

Summary: While waiting for their pick-up, Hanzo and McCree have to stay hidden in unfavorable circumstances. They make do.

(No tw. just lots of soft dialogue and pokemon)


Hanzo was almost certain he was going to snap if Jesse sighed one more time.

He clacked his handheld closed and stared at the simple blue back of it as he spoke with a level voice.

“Jesse. I love you, with every fiber of my being. You are the light of my life and bring more joy to every day that you are with me than I have felt in the past ten years combined. But I swear to any higher power that may or may not exist, if you do not calm down, I am going to throw you out the window.”

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Meruem and Komugi Playing A Pokemon Game

- since Komugi can’t see, Meruem plays the game for her by proxy, reading out all the dialogue and describing all the characters, Pokemon and landscapes

-lets her “play” by reading out the choices in dialogue and pkmn moves and she picks what she wants

-they huddle together for hours playing and tittering like lil kids

- Meruem makes the trainer look as close to Moog as he can, and picks out cute outfits for her

-Komugi loves it when Meruem clicks the Pokemon on the Pokedex and it makes their cry and she also loves the thing where you can feed them and pet them

-Komugi is more of a casual type player who picks her Pokemon based on how she likes the “look” of them, and only catches the ones she thinks she will use because she can’t stand the thought of unused Pokemon sitting alone in the PC box!

-Meruem, on the other hand, is 100% a completionist- he must get every Pokemon, every dialogue, every secret route, every item, every legendary. 

- so while they are playing and encounter a Pokemon in the grass and he describes it to her, she goes “Mmmmmm….. nah, I don’t think I’ll use it much, just let it be” and he like silently twitches

-or they will come across a cute one and Moog goes “Ah!! I want that one get that one!”, but Meruem says “…but its a weak one” but she insists.

- he KO’s it by accident and she smacks him like “NOOOOOOOOO FIND ANOTHER ONE FIND ANOTHER ONE” and he has to walk around in the grass till another one pops up

-Meruem wants to give the Pokemon cool nicknames but Komugi names them all things like “Rug”, “Fishy” and “Bagels”

-Komugi picked Pokemon Sun because she liked the description of the bright shiny Lion!!! Meruem liked the Moon legendary, so he has a copy of Moon, but it’s more fun to play with Komugi on Sun so he hasn’t gotten very far on it.

- They chose Popplio as the starter, her because she liked it’s noise and description best, he because it blows snot bubbles just like Komugi

-Meruem names it Komugi and Real Komugi bonks him on the head

-when the Popplio evolves all the way into a beautiful Primarina, Meruem excitedly goes “Komugi…. it’s all beautiful now just like you” (she bonks him on the head again)

- Komugi’s favorite team is: Duosion, Whismur, Spinda, Cubchoo, Popplio and Psyduck, and her fave Legendary is Mew.

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