pokemon dialogue

Meruem and Komugi Playing A Pokemon Game

- since Komugi can’t see, Meruem plays the game for her by proxy, reading out all the dialogue and describing all the characters, Pokemon and landscapes

-lets her “play” by reading out the choices in dialogue and pkmn moves and she picks what she wants

-they huddle together for hours playing and tittering like lil kids

- Meruem makes the trainer look as close to Moog as he can, and picks out cute outfits for her

-Komugi loves it when Meruem clicks the Pokemon on the Pokedex and it makes their cry and she also loves the thing where you can feed them and pet them

-Komugi is more of a casual type player who picks her Pokemon based on how she likes the “look” of them, and only catches the ones she thinks she will use because she can’t stand the thought of unused Pokemon sitting alone in the PC box!

-Meruem, on the other hand, is 100% a completionist- he must get every Pokemon, every dialogue, every secret route, every item, every legendary. 

- so while they are playing and encounter a Pokemon in the grass and he describes it to her, she goes “Mmmmmm….. nah, I don’t think I’ll use it much, just let it be” and he like silently twitches

-or they will come across a cute one and Moog goes “Ah!! I want that one get that one!”, but Meruem says “…but its a weak one” but she insists.

- he KO’s it by accident and she smacks him like “NOOOOOOOOO FIND ANOTHER ONE FIND ANOTHER ONE” and he has to walk around in the grass till another one pops up

-Meruem wants to give the Pokemon cool nicknames but Komugi names them all things like “Rug”, “Fishy” and “Bagels”

-Komugi picked Pokemon Sun because she liked the description of the bright shiny Lion!!! Meruem liked the Moon legendary, so he has a copy of Moon, but it’s more fun to play with Komugi on Sun so he hasn’t gotten very far on it.

- They chose Popplio as the starter, her because she liked it’s noise and description best, he because it blows snot bubbles just like Komugi

-Meruem names it Komugi and Real Komugi bonks him on the head

-when the Popplio evolves all the way into a beautiful Primarina, Meruem excitedly goes “Komugi…. it’s all beautiful now just like you” (she bonks him on the head again)

- Komugi’s favorite team is: Duosion, Whismur, Spinda, Cubchoo, Popplio and Psyduck, and her fave Legendary is Mew.

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written for @surfacage‘s newest greatest Pokemon Go comicsome dialogue was borrowed (with permission). 

I personally view Blanche as gender-fluid, but for comprehension’s sake, Blanche was given the pronoun “her”.
- - - 
Something was wrong. He didn’t know for certain what, but something in the bottom of his gut was telling him he was needed.

Like a lightning bolt, Spark darted through the woods that surrounded the clearing of his gym on the high mountain. He knew its terrain better than any trainer under him and he quickly zipped through the trees, pulling a Pokéball from his hip just as the trees began to thin. 

“Pidgeotto, go!“ 

The great Pokémon appeared above him, its wings spread wide as it soared through the air, taking a moment to stretch its feathers. Spark kept his gaze ahead of him, his sights set on the approaching cliff and the magnificent view of the valley below. With one great leap of faith, he threw himself over the edge and for one adrenaline-pumping moment, he flew. But before he could begin his quick descent back to the unforgiving earth below, Pidgeotto streaked towards him and ducked under his fall, catching him with practiced grace on its back. 

With a clear view of the valley before him, Spark suddenly understood what had made him feel so anxious. The large, blue and white Tower of Mystic’s gym was engulfed in smoke. 


Without waiting for a command, Pidgeotto soared towards the once-glorious building at an impossible speed. Spark’s bright orange and yellow gloves protected his hands from the bite of cold air and his dark jacket billowed out around him as the large Pokémon circled the blue needle at the top of the tower. The once intricate and sparkling glass was now cracked and broken, and like silent birds of prey, they revolved around the needle until they found an opening they could dart into. Inside, Pidgeotto found a high perch to settle on to overlook the gym. 

A horrible feeling welled in Spark’s chest as his bright eyes took in the destruction below. Giant shards of glass from the supporting pillars and ceiling littered the gym and the once-flawless diamond floor now held spider web cracks that stretched across the entire length of the battle arena. The worse of the damage was in the center, where Blanche was lying unmoving with her Pokémon just as injured beside her. However, she was not alone.

Candela, the third major gym leader of the region, was beside her, but she was in no better shape. Her jacket was torn and the Flareon that never seemed to leave her side was sprawled on its side. This was no Pokémon Battle. This was an attack. 

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to see Team Rocket standing across from the pair with an army of Pokémon behind them. It was not the first time the infamous group had attempted to take one of them down in sake of destroying their gifted power; but this was on another level Spark had never seen before, and though the trio squabbled like siblings, there was anything one wouldn’t do to protect another. 

"Down,” Spark ordered.

Without hesitation, Pidgeotto sprang into action, its large wings flapping to life before they descended downwards towards the party. Team Rocket noticed his approach at the last second, but before they could ready an attack, Spark dropped to the floor as Pidgeotto used its large wings to send a biting gust of wind in their direction before it retreated once more to the high perch. 

“Spark!” Candela called. Her tone was equal parts surprised and relieved.

“Sorry I’m late.”

Now that he was closer, he could see the other gym leaders were better off than he first suspected but neither looked able to continue their fight. Blanche was sporting a rather nasty cut to her arm and Candela’s cheek was bruised. The injuries made his stomach twist in knots.

“Better late than never,” Candela smiled.

She gathered Blanche further into her arms as heavy-booted steps thumped behind him. He turned as a member of Team Rocket stepped forward, obviously presenting himself as the leader. Spark didn’t recognize him, but the smugness surrounding him was undeniable. “Well, look who decided to join us, boys. If it isn’t the baby of the Big Three.”

At the insult, Spark’s eyes narrowed dangerously. However, it was Candela that spoke first: “The Big Three.” Spark didn’t need to glance back at her to know there was a confident smirk etched into her face; he could hear it in her voice. “I think you forget that Spark earned his title, just as Blanche and I did.”

“There is more to a gym leader than power and ability,” Blanche added. “It is equal parts ambition, wisdom, and instinct.” Her voice was rough, but it still held the undertone of a confident, experienced trainer and leader.

Spark stood slowly as he adjusted the cuff of his gloves. The doubt was evident in the leader’s expression, but he merely faced him head on as the anger began to boil just under his skin. No one touched Blanche and Candela without answering to him.

“Team Leader? Don’t make me laugh.”

“I think you forget you’re standing in water,” Spark murmured. He could already feel the power of Zapdos spreading through him, like little pinpricks of lightning running through his veins, causing his body to vibrate with building power as his skin broke out into goosebumps. “And you know what electricity loves?”

Confusion rippled through Team Rocket, but he didn’t give them time to answer as the beat of wings reached his ears.


A monstrous clap of thunder reverberated through the air as a bright bolt of lightning blinded them. In a moment that seemed to last forever and yet only an instant, it was gone, leaving deafening silence in its wake as the three leaders found themselves alone once more. What remained of Team Rocket was nothing more than a giant hole in the glass doors of the Tower’s entryway.

Relaxing his stance, Spark scratched the back of his neck as he glanced back at the other leaders. “Sorry about the door, Blanche.”