pokemon daemon

Name: Daemon

Pokemon: Incineroar

Type: (Fire)(Dark)

Nature: Rash

Characteristic: Capable of taking hits

Daemon’s story: When I first met my trainer, I was lining up alongside two other pokemon my size in a little town called Iki. I was being taken care of by a fat old human who seemed to know everything I needed. Until one day I was let out of my ball and lined up against a Rowlet and a Poppilo. They were both dorks, no way were they being adopted anytime soon. As a Litten, I knew I’d be picked for sure. Who honestly would pick a grass type I could easily lick in a battle and will faint? Or such a dumb-looking water type with no sense of style? Nah, I was the best pick, and my trainer knew it. I took one look at her and didn’t think much. I was kinda hoping for a male human to be my trainer. But then I thought of how she could be different. Most female humans are well known by all pokemon to be very caring towards their pokemon, and heal quite often. Like the pink haired one who’s always in a pokecenter. I knew I’d probably get into a lot of scuffles and brawls, so she’d be ideal for having at hand, y’know? I guess I didn’t really care who my trainer would be, as long as they made me strong. So I went along. Giving her my most charming smile and running up to her, she scooped me up above her. Her hands were super gentle and so large back then. In her eyes I was the best, and I was going to prove it to every trainer, pokemon and challenger that dared, uh, come up to us and… challenge us. Okay, I was just going to prove it y’know?

Anyway, after showing a smiling boy and his Rowlet how weak they were, we took a few walks around the island. I met my trainer’s mother and her pokemon Meowth. Felt kinda nice to know that there was another feline around to talk to. Oh yeah, my trainer nicknamed me Daemon. Call me crazy but that’s not so stupid a name. Kinda has a fierce ring to it. Though it’s a little embarrassing when she calls me her “pretty kitty” and scratches under my chin, it feels sorta nice. And my trainer indeed made me grow and helped me to reach my evolution, Torracat! Despite other trainers, my trainer had no fear of me, even when I tried to startle her. I love being scratched just under my whiskers and chin the most, and being fed the most colorful beans. I once tried a dry human-made flat cake and my tongue just fell in love! I gotta have me one of those again sometime! Once, my trainer burned her hand while petting me too close to my flame bell. I smirked at first, but I guess I couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for how fragile she was. There wasn’t much I could do about her hand, but I’d show her some appreciation in return. In battle, I’d show her how strong I was and she would reward me for all the great battles I won. On the road, she’d sometimes stop and heal me, and I’d find things for her to use sometimes. I must’ve found some really important things sometimes, because she’d give me that happy scratch under the chin. I knew she adored me, and nothing made me more proud and happy. It’s what made traveling with a trainer all worthwhile y’know? There’s no downside.

My trainer took me along on a few challenging routes and one route with a volcano around it was my personal favorite. We encountered a weird looking fire-type pokemon called Salandit. She had some mean cat-like purple eyes but she was no cat. She was a brave one, but I could’ve easily made her faint even though she poisoned me. My trainer instead instructed me to stay put and threw a pokeball at her. She came to join us in our island adventures and my trainer named her Reyna. I didn’t care for her at first because she’s kinda puny, but she can pack a punch when she wants. We play fireball pass together when we got the time. But I’m my trainer’s first and best pokemon, at least here. She came from a far away island called Kanto or something. Who knows what other pokemon she trains and takes with her? I just don’t want to be stuck in a box the whole time, y’know? I wanna train and get stronger than even a Tapu island guardian! Though my trainer insists that all pokemon have their strengths and weaknesses. We made it through the Alola island challenge and their new pokemon league! It was a real challenge, but the team and I pulled through and I became a champion! Well, I guess my trainer is the champion. It’s sorta all thanks to my trainer, y’know? I won’t fight my best for anyone other than her. Any punk who’s stupid enough to challenge my trainer has to go through me and my claws.