pokemon coordinator ruby

“I got my fifteen minutes of fame back in the day for being the first coordinator to beat Wallace after he won the Grand Festival. I managed to pull off a lucky final appeal with my Froslass that edged over his Milotic by a few points. The entire audience gasped, and the host stuttered when he proclaimed me as the contest’s winner.

"My less-than-appealing face was on the front page of The Hoenn Times, and my lucky appeal was played and replayed in the Hoenn News Network. I remember all the people who wanted to talk to me while I was shopping in the Poké Mart, the very same people who would cut in line or would ignore me if I wanted to ask a question. It was a real experience.

"I even got to be interviewed by the people in Hoenn TV. They dubbed it as ‘an exclusive interview on the contest world’s next rising star’. Rather than boosting my ego, it made me nervous that I had so much to live up to just because of a smarter-than-usual play in my end. But I won’t deny enjoying it. I guess I knew at the back of my mind that it wouldn’t last very long.

"I joined another contest later that week. For the first time, everyone in that Contest Hall was watching me, expecting me to continue my 'winning streak’ even if that contest with Wallace was my first win in months. My Froslass felt just as much pressure as I did, maybe even more. So both of us weren’t surprised when we lost that contest badly—I was fourth place by an unusually wide margin.

"The so-called supporters were quick to turn into bashers, calling my win with Wallace a fluke and deeming me unworthy of being the coordinator who broke his winning streak. Some people even called for a reevaluation of the judging for that contest to prove whether or not I actually earned that win. Fortunately, the reevaluation never happened, and I could still have the little shred of pride of claiming to have beaten a Top Coordinator in a contest.

"I still enter contests here and there, and it’s rare for people to recognize me since the audience has shifted to a much younger demographic. Mostly I’m thankful for my relative anonymity, but I can’t help but relive those fifteen minutes of fame in my head. All that attention, all the talk about me—it was a real thrill.”

コンテストに出場するヒガナちゃん by キャナリーヌ on pixiv

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