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It took me a while, but I finally managed to hit 1000 followers!

Even through various hiatuses, busy periods, ups and downs for both myself and my blog, you’ve all managed to tolerate me to some degree well enough to continue following me…

…And for that I am truly grateful! I could never have imagined that so many people would have found my odd ravings and hysterics – punctuated by the occasionally trashy shipping fic – to be enough to garner such a group!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog, and the veritable mash of absurd content that I will endeavour to continue provide!

But this isn’t just an ordinary Follow Forever! Oh no! The landmark milestone of 1000 followers deserves something a bit more extraordinary!

As you might’ve seen from the crude paint edit from above, I’m doing a fic raffle of sorts! This small event is only open to those following my blog as a chance to openly thank you for being here for me for all this time; regardless of whether you’ve been here from the start, or if you’re a more recent arrival!

Here’s how this is going to work:

I’m going to write three fics: One drabble length (500-1000 words), One medium one-shot (2000-5000 words), One long one-shot (5000-10,000 words). If you’re interested in a chance to win a fic, please send an ask to my blog and tell me what fic I’ve written is your favourite! You can find my list of fanfiction here! Feel free to expand on why you liked it!

I’ll give a week for everyone to send in their asks! After that, I’ll do draw urls  at random for each fic I’ll write, drawing for the drabble first, the medium one-shot second, and the long one-shot lastly! Once the winners are chosen, I’ll announce them, and ask that the winners send in a preferred pairing (shipping or non-shipping is fine, I would prefer to keep it to three characters maximum) and then you can feel free to send in your prompt for me to write! Be aware that I would prefer to write within the pokemon fandom (I’m most familiar with the anime). I would also prefer if prompts were of the non-smut variety, and I won’t touch anything pokephilia related, incestuous, and nothing that portrays abusive or otherwise exceptionally negative relationships. Any other conditions are at my discretion, but aside from the above, I’m ready to write just about anything!

Thank you all again, to my dedicated followers! You’ve all helped me to feel accepted in a small, but much beloved fandom here in our little corner of the internet, and I hope to be able to continue to prosper here!

And of course, without further adieu, this being a follow forever, here’s the list of blogs that I’m following as well!

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Thank you all again for making my dash such a wonderful place, and thanks once more to all my followers for allowing me the privilege of trying to entertain you! I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog!

The return of Ash's Charizard

As you probably already know if you follow the Pokemon anime, Ash’s Charizard returns to the series in tomorrow’s new dub episode. This pleased many fans, of course, due to the starter’s popularity, and I was no exception. However, it means something more to me, something deeper. 

When I was young, my knowledge of Pokemon consisted of Ash Ketchum and some sort of creature(s) named Pikachu. Nothing more. I had no interest in learning more or even paying attention to the franchise. I can’t explain it, it just didn’t strike my fancy instantly. That is, not until I happened upon the anime one day and the orange fire dragon Charizard was attacking, roaring, and being his usual BA self onscreen. I was taken with him the second I saw him, and I just knew I needed to find out more. 

A visit to Pokemon.com followed of course, and after searching for quite a while for the button labeled “Pokemon list” or something of the sort, I discovered the “Pokedex” (it was very foreign to me -_-’). I gazed at the list in awe, hundreds of creatures laid out in front of me. Now, you must understand something: I cannot remember things for the life of me. Not now, not then. I kid you not, within an hour on that site, I had every Pokemon design, name, type, evolution, and description locked in my head, all the way up through the Sinnoh region (the Sinnoh games hadn’t yet been released at the time). To this day, it is a complete mystery to me exactly how I managed to do that. I don’t have a photographic memory in any way, yet somehow, I’ve never needed a refresh in Pokemon fundamentals in more than ten years. 

I learned the rest from a friend or two in school, and after a short while, received Pokemon Sapphire as a gift from my mom. I specifically remember starting it at exactly 10:00 at night, then playing until 10:15. That was my true first step into the world of Pokemon. Only fifteen minutes…! 

I know, the story of how my Pokemon journey started isn’t the most exciting, but I always think about just how lucky I was that it turned out like this. If I hadn’t turned on the TV at just the right time, if I hadn’t met those who taught me the more advanced parts of the games, if I hadn’t given it a chance…ultimately, had it not been for Ash’s Charizard, I honestly don’t know what my life would be like today. 

I’m happy with how things turned out. I wouldn’t change it for anything, because I now have something very special to me through a series of chance events. Thanks, Charizard. Glad to have you back. 

I figured it was about time I posted art of my OC and the one my blog is named after, Pokemon Connoisseur Lucario! I just finished this and it’s really the only thing of him I’m proud to post as of yet -_-;; I’m still getting used to my tablet, so please don’t stare too long at my terrible line art D:

I have a whole story/scenario for him that I may or may not compile into one post/page eventually. I do have an RP blog for him if you’d like to come on over and have some fun c: (I’m supposed to be doing homework ^_^;; It is 100% true that I draw/write my best when I’m supposed to be doing something else)

Drawn using Sumo Paint~

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted much from Pokemon X and Y so far, but I’ve been really busy so I haven’t gotten to play a lot D: This is my team currently, and it will be changed as we go along.

Because of my short play time, I’m just past Santalune City, but I did take some time there to train and figure out some of the new mechanics. The roller skates…I like them, but I REALLY wish you had the option of normal walking/running with the circle pad as well. Having to move my thumb down like that to walk feels super awkward. I am getting used to it though, so it’s not terrible.

Other things:




-Yes, Chespin is nicknamed Reiner because SNK

More pictures later!

Ugh, my phone’s being an idiot and won’t let me crop photos -_-’ Anyway, the point is, 800 FOLLOWERS GUYS OHMYGOD


Thank you so much. I don’t even know what to say. You’re all wonderful x3 I’ll do a giveaway or something one of these days. Probably. AAAAHHHH THANK YOU

(Also, small promotion for my two most recent followers, thanks to the technical difficulties~)

*Someone asks me what I've been up to in front of a group of other people*

In my head: “Well, I’ve been obsessing over Gravity Falls lately, delving into the world of RP, attempting to continue my fanfic, mulling over new fanfic ideas, reading and watching Ouran High School Host Club, cosplaying, and I went to an anime convention a few weeks ago.”

Out loud: “I, uh…put in a job application.” ._.