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Lesser known fact is that Guzma has an epic tattoo on his back that features a Golisopod with a background of guzmania flowers. He's super proud of it and makes sure it's moisturized twice a day. Was totally worth every second of pain to get.

OH MAN FINAlly finished THIS but ye i think it would look like this but more oriental


Alright motherfuckers let me tell about this little guy right here and what it or Game Freak has done to make me love them even more. So it’s a new typing as Ghost/Fighting pretty freaking epic right along with the fantastic ability of technician to make any move under 60 be absolutely devastating to any poor sucker on the opposing team. An with its entires on the Rotomdex (depending on game) that it’s cowardly or copies others move by concealing itself in the shadows. Now let me tell you guys the reason I love Game Freak for their references and puns in Pokemon games, because MARSHADOW IS A FUCKING SHADOW BOXER !!!! THEY MADE A FUCKING JOKE ON THIS AND DIDN’T THINK WE NOTICE.