pokemon collection

sc ream!? @a3mis tagged me thank u so much friend! :D

rules: tag people you want to get to know better

how old are you: 16

current job/dream job: professional procastinator

what are you talented at: Eating up sweets too fast.

what is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved): I wanna animate something AA. Also just generally draw more and be more productive.

what’s your aesthetic: Nature is an aesthetic in itself man,,,like,,snow and plants and clouds,,

do you collect anything: I’m not much of a collecter but, pokemon games and rocks stolen from important places ™

what’s a topic you’re always up to talk about: ANIMATION PROBABLY. And your oc’s. I’m always up for hearing about ocs if anyone just wanna drop into my inbox and tell me about their ocs im game.

what’s a pet peeve of yours: People throwing trash in places it dosent belong,,,how many tragic “birds are dying because of ur garbage” educational vids do i have to endure,,,pick up ur trash dammit

good advice to give: Things are rarley as bad as they seem! You can get through this!

recommend three songs: oh man uhh,,,  Echobo by Anamanaguchi, Silver Moon by Donkeyboy and Life itself by Glassanimals


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