pokemon collection


OK i named my Litten “Greed” cuz of it’s colors. COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT INCINEROAR. When it evolved, i freaked out.


A new collection focused on Pikachu will be released at Pokémon Centers on January 27th, 2018! Here’s the line-up:

- Bowl - 1 600 yen
- Mini-bowl - 800 yen
- Coark coaster set - 450 yen
- Melamine glass set (white or colors) - 1 800 yen
- Steel bottle - 2 500 yen
- Seal container - 1 200 yen
- Mug cup - 1 200 yen
- Lunch mat set of 2 - 850 yen
- Storing case (S) - 2 000 yen
- Storing case (M) - 3 200 yen
- Laundry bag -  2500 yen
- Laundry net - 1 800 yen
- Tissue box - 1 500 yen
- Pikachu slippers - 2 000 yen

Okay But Be More Chill Kindergartners

-imagine these nerds as 5 year olds aight
-Michael’s that one kid in class who eats glue
-Jenna always tattles on him for it and gets him in trouble
-Jeremy has the Coolest collection of Pokemon cards but no friends to discuss Pokemon with
-gets bullied by the other kids for being a nerd who just sits by himself and plays on his gameboy during recess
-Michael sees this one day and runs up to him after the bullies leave bc he’s too scared to go meet him but then yells in his face “you have pokemon cards??? and a gameboy???? you’re so cool lets hang out!!!” because he’s so nervous and they show each other their card collections
-Rich is ironically the tallest kid in class
-Chloe goes around bragging about how Jake is her boyfriend and Rich gets mad
-Rich then says to her “that’s not fair!! if you have a boyfriend then I want one too!!” and tries his hardest to get Jake to be his boyfriend too
-Brooke goes around collecting little flowers on the field and gives them to Chloe as presents (Chloe even kept one as they grew up and hides it in her favorite book)
-Rich steals all the red crayons because it’s his favorite color and he doesn’t want anyone else using them
-Jeremy and Michael have mud fights
-whenever they play in the rain for too long and get sick their parents let them hang out at Michael’s house and play old video games while they get better
-Christine builds pillow forts at every sleepover
-Jake and Michael help protect the pillow fortress while Brooke, Chloe, and Jenna try to take it over


Christmas haul part 4: retro Raichu figure

Appearing here with the lovely Frankie Stein (whom I’ve had for years but whose particular color scheme pairs well with electric pokemon~)

I had a Raichu figure just like this when I was a kid. It was my favorite of all my pokemon figures and I played with it all the time. Tragically, and through means I can’t recall I lost it. One of those little things I never quite got over.

It sounds silly but when a favorite goes missing from your collection, especially one from your childhood, you notice. You miss it, too.

However, I can finally welcome a little Raichu back into my pokemon family. It may not be the one I grew up with, but it’s close enough, and that’s fine with me <3