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I was having a mildly bad day today, and right after ordering a drink at McDonald’s I spot this 12? year old kid looking at me. So I turn to them and they hold up their fist and we fist bump and they just wordlessly walk away. They absolutely made my fucking day.

I can only imagine it was because of Pokemon Go (was on my phone, plus on my wrist) or Team Instinct (people are so much more adept at spotting what team I’m on when I’m playing than vice versa) but just made me happy.

((Updated Pokemon Collection!))

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Good Pokémon Edit® Edit Starter™ Starter Pack Expansion: Cute Bits

Last time the collection elicited scary fire bone creatures that gave me nightmares, so I wanted to come up with a pack that would have cuter things. The very exciting Pokémon Cute Bits expansion pack comes with even more parts than you could ever imagine:

  • Jigglypuff eyeball
  • Wigglytuff flupik
  • Slowbro mouth
  • Chansey egg sac
  • Togepi feet and body triangle
  • Dedenne mouth and ears
  • Marill face, tail ball, tail tail, inner ear, and arm
  • Primarina starfish
  • Lickitung tongue and fingernail
  • Bellossom blossom
  • Caterpie eyebrows
  • Tangrowth arm
  • Torracat paws
  • Cobalion feet
  • Smoochum lips
  • Ditto body and mouth
  • Jangmo-o scale
  • Morelull body
  • Squirtle limbs and tail

As always, I’ve gotten the ball rolling with a creation I call Skullycat. It’s a fat cat whose face has been melted off and is now a skull that has like some kind of bony hair growing out of it or something. All the red spots you see on Skullycat are blood. Clearly I’ve followed my own instruction of making something cute and not at all scary. I hope you have even more success than I did!