pokemon clones

Fossil Pokemon
  • Gen 1: Scientist in lab on isolated island seeks rare fossils to clone ancient Pokemon.
  • Gen 2: No way to revive fossils.
  • Gen 3: Large corporation that creates new pokeballs etc also can clone fossil pokemon.
  • Gen 4, 5: Cloned by shockingly well funded museum's staff.
  • Gen 6: Another research lab that clones fossil pokemon.
“Pikachu Clones”: What they bring to each Pokemon game (explained)


Generation 1 introduces the iconic and stable of pokemon Pikachu!

Pikachu is the main mascot of the pokemon franchise and is often seen in a lot of pokemerch!


Generation 2 of the pokemon games introduced breeding mechanic

Pichu is the baby pokemon of Pikachu. Gen 2 focused on the concept of egg hatching and breeding. Generation 2 is the only generation to introduce a new member that was not an entirely new line of species.       

Plusle and Minun     

Generation 3 introduced double battles.

Plusle and Minun and learn Helping hand which they can both benefit when in a double battle. Also to note, both pokemon do have the color scheme to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.


Gen 4 introduced Pachirisu as the Pika mascot of that generation. Although there isn’t much to say about pachirisu, Gen 4 did introduce Wifi battles and Wifi trading thanks to the Nintendo Wifi Connection Network. Pachirisu’s color scheme even matches this!


Generation 5 introduces a “soft-reboot” into the franchise. The colors of the games Pokemon Black & White are reflected on Emolga.


Generation 6 introduced the Fairy Type which is weak to Steel and Poison and is immune to Dragon type attacks.

Dedenne is an Electric/Fairy Type! 


Togedemaru is the geneneration 7 pika mascot of Pokemon Sun and Moon.  It might be too early to tell but since it is Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, Togegemaru’s shape might be a homage to how Pikachu was chubby back in Gen 1.


151-BELLANOX [Bella Notte-Béla Lugosi]
-The Vampire Pokemon
-Ability: Unholy-This pokemon is only weak to fairy type moves, all other moves will land normal damage
-Dex: “According to legends, BELLANOX is the guardian of the night and their children and will help those who wander under the moon. Some stories tell this pokemon, if neccesary, could turn the day into nigth.”
-Sig. Move: Vampire Waltz “The user traps the foe in a swirling dance while draining its life force away. It has a 50% chace of leaving the foe confused”
   Type: Dark
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 80
   Accuracy: 100%
    -Night slash

150-NOXFERA-2 [Nosferatu]
-The Dhampir Pokemon
-Ability: Unholy-This pokemon is only weak to fairy type moves, all other moves will land normal damage
-Dex: “A genetical hybrid between a human and the legendary BELLANOX, this pokemon is said to posses all the legendaries’ abilities, but not his protective nature. It is said he escaped his creators and hides deep in a dark mountains, where it is always night. ”
-Sig. Move: Crimson Wing “Opening his wings, the user release a cloud of red-energy bats that will hunt the foe and drain it of its life force. If hit the user will be left paralized”
   Type: Dark
   PP: 5 (max 8)
   Power: 100
   Accuracy: 50%
    -Giga Drain
    -Dark Pulse

concept: clones playing pokémon GO

so the basic conceit of the au is obviously that the pokémon franchise exists in the star wars universe. the clones have caught the odd holovid of the series, there’s a few cartridges of the games floating around kamino (no one really knows how they got there but the kids like ‘em)

and then pokémon GO comes out and son, it’s on like space donkey kong

it takes less than six hours for someone to figure out how to port the visuals of the app into the HUD on their buckets, and from then it spreads like a kriffing virus through the GAR

it’s not unusual to see troopers standing stock still in the corridors, bucket on and no other armor, the contrast against their black skinsuits absolutely absurd, swinging their arms around to throw pokéballs. swearing loudly when they miss

the coruscant guard all pick team valor. for like…a number of reasons. most of the time the city is entirely red gyms, and a good 45% of those are held by user Fox1010, who has somehow got his hands on a handful of each eeveelution

then the 501st, particularly torrent company, swing back into town, and while general skywalker is having private meetings with senators his men are painting the town blue. see, while the guard have access to all the city’s pokestops, the men in the field are travelling far and wide to get all the varied and rare pokés. the jedi temple gym (because of course there is one - geographically it’s technically attached to the gate of the temple) is soon presided over by an unbeatable snorlax owned by Fulcrum (none of the men can figure out who the hell it is but they’re team mystic so they consider it a win). one time rex and fox stood two feet away from eachother bouncing ownership of the 79′s gym between them and getting progressively madder

The Wonders of Science

Many scientific have flocked to re Verritas region, it’s mostly unspoiled land the perfect place to study the newest scientific breakthrough of the Pokemon World: cloning.

Based upon research discovered on Cinnibar Island before it’s destruction by volcano, cloning has become one of the most controversial subjects of study in the Pokemon world. Arguments of it’s merits and how ethical it is have left scientists with nearly nowhere to study it, until the introduction of Verritas into modern society.

No laws exist within the Verritas region prohibiting scientific research of any kind as of yet, so cloning has not only begun being studied within it, but it has expanded rapidly into a new branch of research: Pokemon alterations.

Pokemon alterations are what happens when a clone of a Pokemon is altered in some capacity before it is born, resulting in a different Pokemon than what should have been born. There are three main types of clones currently being studied within the Verritas region, with occasional overlap between them. This has not helped the world’s view of cloning at large, but as of yet nothing has been done to stop it, aside from local backlash.

clones playing pokemon go

rex: doesn’t bother catching weak pokemon because he keeps filling up his available space because he hates transferring pokemon to the professor (cody once referred to it as ‘scrapping them for parts’ and now rex feels bad when he does it)
echo: researches areas they visit to find out where to find rare pokes. the others tease him but also end up asking him where to go
fives: blows through all his potions and revives trying to beat gyms way too high level for him. found a zapdos an hour after installing the app but it fled immediately and no one believes he found it
gregor: refuses to catch anything but rattata. no one knows why
tup: doesn’t play the game much and is way lower level than everyone else. he doesn’t really get the appeal but he likes his single exeggutor
kix: one of the only men in the 501st to actually play the game strategically. he hoards pidgeys, cracks a lucky egg, and evolves the fuckers, overtaking everyone in level. he does this every few days and refuses to tell the others how he’s levelling up so fast
dogma: he was really enjoying the game until word came down from the upper ranks that it was a distraction to the men and its use was highly discouraged. immediately uninstalled and started lecturing everyone else about it
hardcase: gets frustrated with the game and spends credits to expand his bag and buy a tonne of lures. he’s not stingy with them though, he’ll throw down lures when the boys are stationed near a pokestop and they’ll all catch pokes together


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More Pokemon QR Codes!

Shiny Manaphy

ススム HG Mew

Shiny Keldeo

Shiny regice

Shiny Talonflame

Shiny Sableye

These pokemon are hacked or cloned. Please don’t try to use them on battlespot. I have not tried to Pokebank any of the above and wouldn’t recommend you do either. But they were all tested on XY and are working fine.

Instructions on how to use the codes can be found under the “QR-codes” tag on my blog~