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Could I have some Curtis kissing hc's (the xtransceiver guy) thanks 💝

a/n: beauty and the beast is A++++ i’m obsessed w the soundtrack aaa

  • his lips are always super soft!! he also always tastes like vanilla bc that’s the flavor of chapstick he carries around.
  • super sweet kisser. he’s always so soft and gentle with his s/o when he kisses them. but they can always tell there’s a lot of love and passion behind his kisses.
  • gets really blushy after kisses, and always asks “can i kiss you again?” before he pulls them in for more.

1. Lapras
2. Weedle
3. Magmar
4. Psyduck
5. Magikarp
6. Oddish
7. Sandshrew
8. Squirtle
9. Paras
10. Charmander
11. Onix
12. Togepi
13. Machop
14. Jynx
15. Seel
16. Doduo
17. Poliwag
18. Electrobuzz
19. Vulpix
20. Jigglypuff
21. Hitmonlee
22. Bulbasaur

Think of all the different omelets you could make!

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