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House of Horrors!

Guess i can call this finished, i really like how this came out but i feel like theirs still more i can add to it. Anyways though, Big shout out to my favorite youtuber Markiplier! Every game you play is a horrifying journey i enjoy every second of! Love his videos and hope he keeps them up till the end of time XD Hope you guys enjoy this, sorry it took so long~

( Dont mind the top part, forgot to crop it)

a lot of pokekitties. they all consider charizard another weird but good kitty
im going to print it as stickers c: 

Hello guys R-Senal back at it again with the art and I decided to make yet another marshadow picture. however you might think that this isnt marshadow, well actually this is a form i created for marshadow when he wears the mask of the night marcher. its for a headcannon for my trainer’s story who’s main pokemon is marshadow. 

anyways the origin of this form is that it is the night marcher form and is supposed to body the nature of chaos itself in the alola region. in this form marshadow name isn’t marshadow, actually his name is mars and the reason why he is called marshadow now in modern day is because he is literally a shadow of his former self. any who when mars was roaming around he exerted chaotic energy which would corrupt the minds of anything that went near him. the people of alola saw him as a threat and called upon the power of the guardian deities to defeat him, but he proved to be too strong. then the 2 ultra beast solgaleo and lunala were called upon to defeat this pokemon sadly they are both psychic type and after a short period of time were destroyed as well. for years the people of alola fought mars and when things started to look bleak for the alolan people a man from the unova region confronts the fiend with the pokemon of victory Victini (however in this headcanon victini also has a form as well that is supposed to parallel marshadow’s. the name of the form is Victor… yeah real original lol) no one knows where he came from or who contacted him but he came to challenge the pokemon of chaos and with the power of Victor they were able to to defeat Mars.. well it was a draw actually and they sealed his power to the mask they broke off his face causing him to transform him into marshadow. However before he was sealed he placed a curse on victini turning him into is tiny form. the only way to turn victini back into its victory form is to unlock its heart through many victories and determination. and for marshadow to turn back into mars he must wear the mask of the night marcher. and that’s how mars became marshadow. 

i based mars off of night bringer yasuo and the story is based on the lore behind night bringer yasuo and dawn bringer riven as well. anyways thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy it. 

Amethyst’s Room is Awesome!

You can see a bunch of fun stuff, mainly from video games such as:

  • a backwards Snorlax from Pokemon
  • a super leaf from Super Mario
  • a Gyroid from Animal Crossing
  • a brick block from Super Mario.
  • a Chao from Sonic (or a slime from Dragon Quest. I can’t really tell)
  • a Question Mark block from Super Mario (Again lot of Mario stuff in this castle temple)
  • the Wheel of Fortune… Wheel
  • and a lucky cat sitting on..
  • a GIANT Rubix cube (that would be really difficult to spin)

There are a bunch of other things in there, but tell me if you can figure out what the red dragon-like thing is from first picture or the wing chair in the third picture is.


I am the happiest Dragon Tamer ever tonight!! I decided to go shiny hunting again for a Bagon in Pokemon Moon. Now the Bagon line is my favorite and it’s been one of my dreams to have a shiny Salamence of my own since I had learned what shiny Pokemon are (as you can tell by her nickname I’ve been planning this for a while. If she had been a male instead I would have named her Sirrush. For some reason Mesopotamian names are the ones I choose for this line)

I had a few failed hunting attempts in the past for a shiny Bagon and I was really agitated from it that I had taken a break from shiny hunting after my (successful) Dewpider hunt over a month ago but tonight something called me to go shiny hunting for some reason. So I made my way over to Kala'e Bay and started hunting with low hopes of finding anything.

However luck, Arceus, and RNGesus were on my side tonight and after EXACTLY 40 SOS encounters, no fucking joke on that one even I was astounded by this, I came face to face with a little green dragon and the shock was so great I nearly fell off my bed and woke everyone up. She put up quite a fight and called a lot of allies to waylay my catching attempts but one slip-up in her cries for help resulted in no one coming. I jumped on the opportunity and nabbed her in a Luxury Ball, and finally my dream has come true 13 years later! I honestly can’t stop staring at her, she’s just too beautiful :’D I don’t even care about her nature, she’s absolutely perfect to me!


So I’ve been editing pitures and stuff instead of going to bed…