pokemon cartridges

i really don’t care if every pokemon game for the rest of time has the same formula as all the previous ones as long as there’s new characters and new pokemon i’m gonna show up at GameStop with $40 when it’s released and eat the cartridge

omg i got pokemon moon used today and i opened the existing save file and these were their pokemon

and these were the ONLY pokemon in their pc

idk where posh came from but i dig it

adele 2 wild

lunala wasn’t named anything but that was the only disappointment

john idk who you are but i see you and i love you and this blessed gay pokemon moon cartridge

honestly, i feel like the ultra sun/moon announcement was way too vague to know how to feel about it

like, is it a proper BW2-style sequel, or just a third version split into two? if it’s the former, i’m okay with that, gen 7 was one of the best in terms of region and story and anything that expands on it is welcome; a third version would be neat i guess but not really a big deal

gold and silver on the VC is cool as hell if only because it means that it’ll be possible using less-than-kosher means to send pokemon from our original game boy GS cartridges into pokemon bank, finally letting me put my best pokemon from all 7 gens on a single cartridge

pokken switch is neat i guess, maybe they’ll go back and rerecord the voice acting with an actual english-speaking voice director this time

discovery: apparently i have an event pokemon on my pokemon diamond cartridge that i just never collected??? and never realized because i dont go into the pokemart, like, ever????????