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zarkyus  asked:

Is frisk blind? Thats why they go all time with closed eyes and why they had a stick? Maybe chara narrates everything for them to help em kinda? Or frisk may even see through chara's eyes since frisk and chara are connected bc of the dt thingy?

(undertale spoilers)

Frisk is not blind. While their eyes appear closed all the time, this is a rather common character design. (See “Eyes Always Shut” on tv tropes.)

(You noticed there was a blue switch behind the top pillar.)

You manage to tear your eyes away from Ice Cap’s hat.

(The sight of such a friendly town fills you with determination.)

(Do you want to beat it up?) [Yes / No]
(You stare into each other’s eyes for a moment…)

You stare deep into the eyes of the Lost Soul.
He remembers the gaze of humans past…

(You didn’t notice before, but there’s something like…)
(… mummy wrappings at the bottom of it.)

(Noticed you received a text from Toriel.)

From these quotes, it’s clear that Frisk is able to see. Furthermore, the idea that Chara constantly narrates to guide a blind Frisk wouldn’t work well. It would be both exhausting and impractical, especially in combat. Chara’s inhabiting of Frisk’s body shouldn’t change the physical capability of Frisk’s eyes either. 

While Frisk has eyes that appear closed, the dialogue in the game indicates that they can see. The design is merely a part of Frisk’s stoic appearance.