pokemon bowl


Get a first look at our 20th celebration Super Bowl spot!

Lady Gaga has Pokémon trainer.

Drawing based on her outfit at the Super Bowl 50 yesterday. I think she’s really cool

Feliz Carnaval to my fellow Venezuelan and other people who celebrates the same little holiday



Drake preferred wide open spaces for a trainer, but the city he was born had it’s perks. The modern conveniences of Lumiose City did make it easier for trainers. Multiple Pokemon Centers and plenty of shops to gear up. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t missed the town he was born in. 

It was easy to spot out pokemon trainers when you knew what to look for. If it wasn’t the belt of poke balls around their waist, you could probably tell by the heavy backpacks they had nearby or the colorful caps they always seemed to wear. Drake was no exception.

Drake took a toothpick as he picked whatever was stuck between his teeth. He was glad he decided to eat out for once. His loyal Charizard sat beside him, finished his bowl of pokemon food. He hadn’t had a meal like that it weeks. That blonde chef guy deserved this restaurant of his. And the chef guy seemed to have a partner pokemon by his side, as well. It was always nice to have a blaziken to deal with unruly customers and flash cooking. Drake’s plates were licked clean, except for his plate of curry rice, which was half finished for some reason. 

“My complements to the chef. You got a good thing going on over here, buddy…” the trainer grinned.