pokemon bowl

Things for when your not happy.

- coloring book

- listen to music + make music lists for when your experiencing different emotions

- cuddle up with fluffy pillows and soft blankets

-make tea or favorite drink

- comfy sweatshirt or pjs

- warm shower or bath + new clothes or pjs on

- wash face/ do your hair or makeup

- go walk outside or on treadmill

- play a video game

-watch tv/movie/youtuber

-read book or online storys

- hangout with your pets

- crafts/diy’s

-window show or online look

- yoga/exercise

- goto movie/ bowling/arcade/pokemon go/coffee place/restaurants/parks/zoo/mini golf/bookstore

- healthy meals with a few junkfood snacks here and there(comfort snack)

- visit or invite a friend over

-create a party imaginary or future one

-cook a recipe you’ve never tried before

- meditate


-paint nails

-anything to help refocus your attention + make sure to eat and drink water

Some of these things might be difficult when your low energy or depressed, but these are things that i do myself when im depressed or feel like i dont have any energy and they make me feel better so i thought id share them 😊👍🏻