pokemon booster

Pokemom card packs

I have some codes for pokemon booster packs worth around $25 and since i wont be using them myself i wanna let someone who wants them have them.

Anyone who is interested just like and reblog.

Ill make a random pick among those who do and give out 1 code each day untill i run out.

And the reblogs is only to spread the word and let as many people as possible have the chance to get a code. Its not to give myself lots of reblogs, infact once i have no more codes i will be deleting this post again.

You cannot win if you dont both like AND reblog to make it fair for more ppl.

EDIT: I just got another $110 worth of codes so the total value is now $135

I tried to mimic the style of the Monarch Legendary as best I could with this one. I thought it would be cool if the three migrants were all motorized and unparalleled in speed.

Like the monarch is on land, this pokemon is unmatched in speed within the water, its body can fold up to not only decrease resistance, but also aid in rocketing the pokemon forward due to boosters being located on the arms and base of the feet. The boosters located on the arms can also aid in boosting arm attacks when fighting.

Its yellow markings also aid in lighting dark areas of the waters. 

Recommended typings: Water/Steel, Water/Dark, Steel/Poison, Steel/Dark