pokemon blu

Oi, if you’re reblogging that very spoilerific scene from Pokemon I Choose You, then please, for all living beings’ sake, tag it as #pokeani spoilers or #m20 spoilers! There are still tons of people who have not seen the movie yet, it did not get released in Finland, it did not get released in few other countries, so for the love of all beings, tag it!!!

This post was made to remind people that even though it had it’s “international” release, not everyone went to theathers, and not everyone even had such release. Be mindful of others guys. Thank you, and have a nice day!

  • Hero: So you’re telling me that I can go out, into unknown dungeons that I know almost nothing about, slay Pokemon there, beat the crap out of Pokemon that are ten times bigger than me, bring along Pokemon that I’ve only just talked to into dungeons to explore with me, bring along schoolkids with me into dungeons, get myself stuck in monster houses, and potentially get myself killed?
  • Nuzleaf: Yep