pokemon blitzle


More Pokemon things i’ve been working on on-and-off for the past few weeks.

1) A good friend’s Arcanine.  2) Kino, for a “vote on this character’s fate” thing i really would like to do, but not sure if i should.  3) My region’s poison-type Gym Leader, Hasuna.  Her shorts’ camo pattern is called “no one hides in purple”, and i really have no idea why i wanted her to have camo shorts, she isn’t even close to being military or wanna-be military or anything.  4) First part of the Gym badges for my region.  Kinda stuck on the next one, that i want to be a mixture of a spiral staircase and DNA coil though.

I’m really feeling a on a roll with these

This Pokemon is not Native to Alola at all, they are the result of a Conservation Project selectively breeding Zebstrikas in order to recreate a Subspecies hunted to Extinction for their Pelts in Unova. However, the species adapted to the Local Environment too fast to do anything about escaped individuals, so now they’re one of many Protected species living on the Alolan Islands.

continuing fusion night, this is a gothorita/blitzle hybrid. the two species can’t breed viable young together, but through careful genetic engineering, scientists have been able to create an electric/psychic centaur with the speed of a blitzle and intellect of a gothorita. Unfortunately, these centaurs tend to be very stubborn and reclusive, so few have been used successfully as partners in battle.