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The Signs as Pokemon Gym Leaders (Kanto and Johto)

Aries - Lt. Surge

Taurus -  Whitney

Gemini -  Sabrina

Cancer - Misty

Leo - Jasmine

Virgo - Blaine

Libra - Erika

Scorpio - Koga

Sagittarius - Chuck

Capricorn - Bugsy

Aquarius - Giovanni

Pisces - Brock 


🌟  The Current Kanto Gym Leaders  🌟


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Im totally Erika also if my pokemon mood becomes any higher Im gonna end up doing the other regions too

Because it was super easy to make compared to the others, here’s one more phone wallpaper inspired by the original trainer’s guide that came with gen 1 games. I didn’t know what a “gym leader” was back then. But seeing their mugshots in the booklet made me determined to meet them. ( I did know Brock and Misty from the anime, but at the time, I never saw any episodes involving gyms )