pokemon bertha

I could totally see Bertha (elite 4 ground type member from gen 4) having a Zygarde pup. I just thought the idea of a cute old lady with a legendary neon green dog was cute.

[click on the image for quality view]

One of these greenhaired cute dorks is not like the others; incidentally it’s the one who’s compaining and being sorta bullied.

I made this pic during last Livestream.
Tribute to the greenhaired poke charas*, because they’re pretty much unapreciated in this fandom imho >8U Don’t do that.

*(that I know and like, there might be more but I might not know them XD so sorry for that)

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The contestshipping-family bonding HCs with toasty-coconut and kasuria are going to kill me. So I doodled this.

Allie won’t admit she came to check on her aunt to help her with logistic support.

The Grand Festival is upon them, and the cup, the prize ribbons and commemorative pins are almost done. Bertha promised she will design something special for when Allie gets all the ribbons and reaches the Grand Festival, and she will need to be sure to bring the cup home. Motivation unnecesary pressure omg style Bertha.

Hope you like it dudes!♥