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Greninja vs Delphox

When Pokemon X and Y came out. One of my friends and I got the game and decided to see who could beat it first. My friend chose Fennekin and I chose Froakie. 

I trained hard and got through the Kalos region with ease, due to having beaten other regions in the past. When I finally beat the game it turned out we beat it the same day. but I was just 2 hours ahead.

So we both agreed to have a six on six battle with our Pokemon team. It was a great and epic battle with both of us not giving an inch to the other. It then came down to our last Pokemon. It was ironic that we both saved our starters for last.  

My Greninja had the type advantage but my friend had trained her Delphox well. In the end I lost due to my last Hydro Pump missing and was defeated with a Fire Blast. That battle has been one of the best of my history with the Pokemon games.

(What have been some of your favorite battles with friends or family?)