pokemon bad guys

When you wanna join a fictional team

But the game developers don’t let you, even though Team Skull specifically asks at Po Town if you’re there to join them.

GIVE ME THE OPTION TO SAY YES! Why did you have them ask it if you weren’t going to give the option??? I really liked those losers by then.

I wanted to do something about the plot at that point. I was so tired of bailing Lillie out and her whole ‘GET IN THE BAG, NEBBY!’

I wanted the chance to cause mayhem and minor destruction with my children. I wanted to have Guzma send me on missions with Plumeria, because he knows that your 11 year old protagonist ass is far more competent than any of the other grunts in his team put together. So why can’t I go and choose to be a bad guy and decide to not go through with the rest of the trials, just to see what the end result would be?

I wouldn’t care about who the champion would be, because I’d be too busy hanging out with the other Team Skull grunts, arguing over stupid things and playing late night wii tournaments.

The whole Lusamine thing would still have to be addressed somehow but still-

Take my money for this kind of thing, Nintendo/game freak!

Let me play as a bad guy for once! Better yet, make it an option that you can battle real players on wifi who choose not to go the bad guy route! Let me take their in game money when they lose and 'steal’ a Pokémon until they are able to defeat me to get the Pokémon back (don’t worry; it’d be hanging out in Po Town- Team skull aren’t monsters-they’ll even groom and feed that Pokémon in the meantime)

*yells into the void* Let me live the bad guy dream as a Team Skull grunt!

Callin’ it now.

Those bastards at the Aether Foundation are gonna be the real bad guys. 
“ There, they not only provide shelter for Pokémon, but also conduct various research projects.”
And BAM then announce little fucked up Nully ( Type: Null ), who’s clearly a mish mash of different things. 
These mofos are down right devils.

So does anyone else have a certain type of ship they tend to like?


I’ve been having art block with my comic today so I sketched it away by drawing these fools in capes.

I was playing Pokemon XD today and you guys don’t understand how much I love the Orre Region.

  • First off, they don’t have pokeballs there, so they have to import them from another region if they want to sell them in shops.

Do you know what that means? People walk around Orre with their pokemon partners without really ever having to put them away in little capsule balls. Their pokemon are a part of their everyday lives all the time.

  • Professor Krane found a loophole in the law to make stealing shadow pokemon from bad guys legal.

And nobody gives a shit about this, even though Krane’s Memos are showing how morally conflicted he is about making the Snag Machine to steal these shadow pokemon from their cruel trainers.

  • Sextuplets called the “Hexagon Brothers” exist and they all look like the Power Rangers.

And they can’t count themselves! First they go:

Red: Sound off!
Blue: 1
Green: 2
Yellow: 3
Purple: 4
Brown: 5
Red: Wait, we’re missing someone?!

Then they’re like:

Red: Sound Off!
Blue: 1
Green: 2
Yellow: 3
Purple: 4
Brown: 5
Red: 6
Blue: 7
Green: 8… wait a dog gone minute. Brothers, we have spies among us.

  • Miror B is my all time favourite of the admins/ex-admins in Team Cipher

He’s literally a disco stu with Ludicolo backup dancers.

  • And finally, the body builders have breasts bigger than, not only the women, but bigger than their own heads.

It’s a true fact. I’m not lying. Thugs and body builders were proportioned like Conkeldurr… but, like, 2x-3x bigger.