pokemon back and white

This sketch came out a little too depressing so I didn’f feel like finalizing it :‘D

…Haha. Happy suffering.

Day 7-Saddest Moment-Gigi following N instead of White:
This moment made me cry a bit I won’t lie. Bonds were tested here at this very moment. Its even more heartbreaking because it proves N was right. Pokemon have feelings as well and we should heed them. Gigi wanted to battle but White didn’t listen. I still felt bad for white going through such a traumatic experience. I’m glad White and Gigi got back together though.

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dragongirl218  asked:

Top 5 Faves You Rarely Talk About

like… shows..? video games? etc? hrmmm….

1. soul eater
2. noragami
3. idk why i keep thinking about pokemon pinball ruby & sapphire but yes
4. the world ends with you (i had a hardcore obsession with this game back in high school….)
5. idk pokemon black & white / black 2 & white 2

oh and also a shout out to all the zelda mangas i fucking love them too


ahhhh so here’s my pokemon white 2 team in gijinka form-

Liepard (female)- Impish; Level 77 

Emboar (male)- Bold; Level 81

Leavanny (male)- Rash; Level 80

Watchog (female)- Careful; Level 74

Ampharos (female)- Quiet; Level 81

Azumarill (male)- Quirky; Level 85



Sorry about the Dusknoir shitposts lol. Dusknoir is my number one favorite as a non-legendary/mythical pokemon.

Ah, I remember it like yesterday… Back in Black and White, there was Dream World and I got myself a Duskull with a Dream Ball. I named him David. Because why not? I was determined to evolve him a Dusknoir, I grinded my time into level him up. I still have David to this day, but ironic I never made a gijinka for him. I tried but never seemed to work out…

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So I defeated the main plot line in Pokemon White finally, and I’m sorry, but if you played through this game and didn’t feel as though at the end, N and your trainer were past the point of platonic and are literally the Yin to each other’s Yang, then I AM SORRY, YOU PLAYED THE WHOLE GAME WRONG, GO BACK AND FIX IT