pokemon b w 2


Video Game Music for Studying 21


0:00 Trails in the Sky, Studio City Zeiss
2:34 Yooka-Laylee, Jungle Challenge
5:42 Donkey Kong Country, Aquatic Ambiance (Acoustic Arrangement by Fred Baty)
9:12 Fire Emblem Fates, Aqua 1
12:10 Harvest Moon TOTT, Music Festival
14:32 Unravel, Yarny Theme
18:21 Majora’s Mask, Deku Palace (Oboe Cover by Ladel98 [Gaming Music])
20:32 Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star, Track 4
23:39 Seiken Densetsu 3, Angel’s Fear (Acoustic Guitar Cover by auriplane)
26:55 Pokemon B&W 2, Marlon’s Gym
28:42 Skyrim, The Bannered Mare
31:04 FFXIV, Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum Theme
36:24 Rayman Legends, When the Wind Blows
38:34 Chrono Trigger, Main Theme (Guitar Cover by Super Guitar Bros)
41:14 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, 9 Years
45:58 Town of Salem, Day Music
47:56 Baten Kaitos, Bellflower
49:53 Chu Chu Rocket, Connecting to Network
51:26 Dual Hearts, Sleepy Hill
55:22 Minecraft, Haggstorm (Orchestral vr. by The Synthetic Orchestra)
57:24 Tower of Heaven, Atop the World
59:19 Ocarina of Time/Link to the Past, Zelda’s Lullaby (Guitar cover by TheOnlyDeerAlive)
1:02:53 Pokemon X-Y, Laverre City
1:05:40 FF Advent Children, Aerith’s Theme
1:09:39 Trails in the Sky, The Byway of Departure
1:11:43 Holy Potatoes! A Weapons Shop, Title Screen
1:13:31 Chrono Trigger, 600 A.D. (Piano cover by kLuTz)
1:16:27 Threads of Fate, Bonded by Claire
1:18:26 Maple Story, Ellinia Theme
1:21:32 Sonic the Hedgehog, Starlight Zone (Violin Cover by String Player Gamer)
1:23:49 Secret of Evermore, Queen Bluegarden (Remix by audio fidelity_Jenny Fae Davis)