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do yall ever become a fan of something like a decade late and play one of their newest games and when you try to go into the past and play the older games with the older graphics and youre just like


i doubt she treated him very well


A school project from last year! We had to imagine something from nowadays if it was made years before. So have some pokemon from the 60s!! What if Pokemon was popular in the 60s and kids from all around the world at the universal expo were exchanging pokemon cards?? Yes, I replicated the style of famous illustrators from that era for the sake of accuracy. If you need sources you can always ask me :)

You are challenged by Team Science Director Julie!

(Am I late to the Team Science train? I’m probably late.)

Anyways, the @scientificpokedex had a super cool design for Director Julie, and I had to draw it. A space lab coat? That’s awesome! 

Imagine an open world Pokemon game where Pokemon are just running around in the wild. Hiding in caves, ocean etc.  You can go scuba diving for Pokemon, soaring on Pokemon, Digging underground for hidden Pokemon. Escavating Fossils, The possiblitlies T___T

trainer red is absolutely autistic. he’s nonverbal and his special interest is caring and training for pokemon. he’s really interested in learning about pokemon and that’s why he decided to fill out the entire kanto pokedex at 10. he also decided to spend time up at mt. silver because he didn’t like expending so much energy around people and felt a bigger connection with pokemon. the pokemon world is very accomodating towards autistic people and a lot of trainers are autistic. a lot of pokemon are also very helpful and help their owners calm down and keep from overstimulation. it’s wonderful.

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you are one of the few people around the world still obsessed with pokemon go... you are so adorable

I really wanna do youtube for it… But I think that ship has sailed months ago so I just post pictures here instead and some people still like it. 

Classic tattoos of the pokemon world

- Gyrados: often winding around a person’s arm. Popular among sailors.
- Seaking: sometimes paired with a goldeen.
- Houndoom: Often depicted either as a bust with stylized flames, or full body with exaggerated tail.
- Pokeball: Recently popularized by a famous trainer who used pokeball tattoos to represent lost team members.
- Ho-oh: With wings outstretched. Depictions of Ho-oh vary greatly.
- Arcanine: With snarling mouth and flames
- Honedge: with its “tail” like a banner, often seen with text.
- Luvdisc: Often carrying a banner with the name of a loved one.
- Zangoose fighting Seviper: who is winning varies among individuals.

As an egg, Gummi was left in the path of a great water current, as most Manaphy eggs are. They are left to drift across the world until they hatch, absorbing snippets of energy from different environments around the world. When they have gathered enough energy they spring forward as a baby Manaphy, full of love and appreciation and ready to form bonds with all they meet. But Gummi’s adventures as an egg were longer than most.

Gummi drifted for a long time, their egg staying for whiles in some places as the currents gradually made their way around the world. Pokemon familiar with Gummi’s stream watched their egg float by them, wondering when it would hatch and whether they would be around to watch the sight.

Gummi floated through water that rushed them across open waters past schools of Pokemon that watched them pass by curiously.

And they rolled across the ocean floor upon smoother tides, forever following the current of their travelling.

When danger lurked they were helped by strangers, not only for the preservation of an egg so mythical but for the kindness of the sea. Lost eggs were a common thing underwater, and a Manaphy egg was no exception- even if it was that species’ norm. No egg could be left in harm’s way.

And those who witnessed Gummi’s egg hatching would never forget their light. A world of oceans having been crossed, Gummi was finally ready for their arrival to the ocean, light enveloping their shell. Passing Pokemon watched in wonder and happiness, glad that they could witness such a sight. It wasn’t every day one could witness a Manaphy being brought to be. Gummi was surrounded by friends at the first dawn of summer and won’t forget how they were helped on their journey.

Fatesona Pokemon AU (As of now)

This was an idea brought up by @fujinyumeme and I during his stream.

Here’s the basis for it. The fatesonas from around the community in the Pokemon world (Modern times of course). Hoshido and Nohr are separate regions with their own Gyms and Pokemon League. The two regions have an uneasy relationship with each other.

You can join in however you want. As a Gym Leader, Elite Four, Enemy Team, Trainers, Professor, Assistant, etc (Although spaces for Gym Leaders and Elite Four are limited for obvious reasons). If you join as a Trainer you’ll need to state your class (Youngster, Hex Maniac, Hiker, Aroma Lady, etc).

There are two enemy teams for this AU. Team Dark Knight from Nohr and Team White Knight from Hoshido. Both are extremist teams who want to destroy/defeat/conquer the other region so that theirs can prosper. As of now the Leader of Team Dark Knight is Floran of @oreowarrior. As for Admins there will be four for each team but you can also join as grunts, spies, and professors for the team.

The exceptions are (for now anyways)

-No legendaries on your team

-Champions (need more people and discussions with them to decide)

- If you’re going for Gym Leader, Elite Four, Team Admin, or Team Leader you must have two teams. One for Gym Battles/First Elite Four Battle. Another for additional battles/all out battles. You don’t need to keep the same Pokemon for both teams

These are the people who’re involved as of now.

Myself, @zlosopher- Brando is a Grass Type Gym Leader for Nohr. His main Pokemon is his Venusaur, who he can Mega Evolve. His Gym Battle team includes Venusaur, Roserade, Tropius, Breloom, Whimsicott, and Cherrim. His all out battle team includes Venusaur, Salamence, Whimsicott, Abomasnow, Ferrothorn, and Swampert . Alsooo he has two roles which is…down below.

@fujinyumeme- Jay is a Dragon Type Gym Leader for Nohr. His main Pokemon is Noivern. His Gym Battle team is Noivern, Hydreigon, Fraxure, Dragonair, Altaria who he can Mega Evolve, and Kingdra. His all out battle team includes Noivern, Altaria, Dragonair, Haxorus, Goodra, and Aerodactyl.

@pastatoast- Andre is a Steel Type Gym Leader for Nohr. His main Pokemon is his Aegislash. His Gym Battle team is Aegislash, Lucario who he can Mega Evolve, Mawile, Lairon, Metang, and Skarmory. His main team includes Aegislash, Lucario, Mawile, Aggron, Metagross, and Skarmory.

@petililt- Gale is a Fire Type Gym Leader for Nohr. Her main Pokemon is her Chandelure. Her team for Gym Battles is Chandelure, Volcarona, Houndoom, Camerupt, Ninetails, and Emboar. Her all out battle team includes Chandelure, Lilligant, Galvantula, Volcanora, Flygon, and Milotic.

@random-delights- Alena is a Poison Type Gym Leader for Nohr. Her main Pokemon is her Ghastly/Gengar. Her initial team is Ghastly, Weezing, Arbok, and, Nidoqueen. Her all out battle team is Gengar who she can Mega Evolve, Muk, Venomoth, Arbok, Weezing, and Vileplume.

@uziria- Kenni is a Fairy Type Gym Leader for Nohr. His main Pokemon is his Sylveon. His Gym Battle team includes Sylveon, Granbull, Carbink, and Mawile who he can Mega Evolve. His all out team adds Whimsicott and Florges.

@cookieloverdeluxe- Cookie is an Elite Four member for Nohr. She mainly uses Ghost Type Pokemon with the exception of her main Pokemon Delphox. Her first battle team is Delphox, Mismagius, Spiritomb, and Gengar who she can Mega Evolve. Her all out battle team is the same with the additions of Chandelure and Aegislash.

@dirtyfluffyshrub- Isibeal is an Elite Four member for Nohr. She uses Dark Type Pokemon and her main Pokemon is Zoroark. Her first battle team includes Zoroark, Sableye who she can Mega Evolve, Scrafty, Drapion, Liepard, and Honchkrow. Her all out battle team is Zoroark, Sableye, Scrafty, Yanmega, Excadrill, and Drapion.

@shekotsu- Zenith is an Elite Four Member for Nohr. He uses Water Type Pokemon and his main Pokemon is Gyrados who he can Mega Evolve. His team for the initial battle is Gyrados, Lapras, Kingdra, Carracosta, Starmie, and Milotic. For all out battles he swaps out his Starmie and Milotic for Tyranitar and Galvantula.

@a-sad-pun- Ellie is an Elite Four Member for Nohr. She uses Fighting Type Pokemon and her main Pokemon is her Infernape. Her initial battle team is Infernape, a shiny Hawlucha named “Batman”, Gallade, Poliwrath, and Toxicroak. Her all out battle team is Infernape, a shiny Greninja named “Nightcrawler” Frosslass, Gliscor, Whimsicott, and Aggron.

@cranexe- Rozuel is a Pokemon Professor from Nohr who studies Pokemon interactions and cooperation. Her main Pokemon is her Glalie who she can Mega Evolve.  She uses Ice Types and while her team isn’t entirely known to others she is known to use Glalie, Aurorus, and Vanilluxe.

@ronyasartarchives- Ronya is a Pokemon Professor Assistant from Nohr. She helps out Rozuel with her research. She has a varied team with her main Pokemon being Pangoro. Her team includes Pangoro, Abomasnow, Shiftry, Cherubi, Crobat, and Spheal,

@oreowarrior - Floran is an Leader of Team Dark Knight. His main Pokemon is Garchomp who he can Mega Evolve. and his team includes Garchomp, Lucario, Mawile, and Aggron.  His all out battle team adds in  Gengar and Scizor

@nagasawaraijin-  Edwin is a spy and admin for Team Dark Knight but he’s actually an Interpol Agent infiltrating Team Dark Knight. His partner Pokemon is his Zangoose. His initial battle team would be Zangoose, Snorlax, Banette. His all out team is a shiny Metagross that can Mega Evolve, Snorlax, Volcarona, Garchomp, Greninja, and Roserade. He doesn’t use Zangoose much out of fear of endangering his partner.

@zlosopher- Brando is also an admin for Team Dark Knight. He and Floran were friends during they’re adventure and idol career respectively. Floran managed to convince Brando to join him despite Jay being against it. His team as an admin is different than as a Gym Leader. He still uses his Venusaur who he can Mega Evolve, but he also uses Seismitoad, Rampardos, Talonflame, Sylveon, and Nidoking.

@the-creative-vault- Karen is an Ace Trainer from “Nohr”. She appeared reandomly one day, helping a village fend of an attack by Team White Knight. Her main Pokemon is an Eevee that has the odd ability to evolve at will. Her team includes Eevee, Dragonite, Phantump, Luxray, Lucario, and Empoleon.

@1supernatural-trickster- Fae is an Ace Trainer and performer from Nohr. Her main Pokemon is her Rapidash and her team is Rapidash, Lilligant, Gardevoir, Lapras, and Dragonite.

@noirneko-  Iola is a Veteran/Maid Hybrid Trainer from Nohr. Her main Pokemon is her Gothorita. Her team includes Gothorita, a shiny Gardevoir who she can Mega Evolve, Vaporeon, Houndoom, Crobat, Mienshao, and Hydreigon.

@ladyaruofelyonia- Ellie is a Psychic Type Gym Leader for Hoshido. Her main Pokemon is her Espeon. Her Gym Battle team consists of Espeon, Xatu, Delphox, Meowstic, and Gardevoir who she can Mega Evolve. For all out battles she adds a Milotic and replaces her Meowstic with an Absol.

@roses-to-roses- Meili is an Elite Four Member for Hoshido. They use Fairy Type Pokemon and their main Pokemon is Gardevoir who can Mega Evolve. Their initial team is Gardevoir, Mawile, Azumarill, Carbink, Dedenne, and Whimsicott. Their all out team is Gardevoir, Azumarill, Mawile, Altaria, Chandelure, and Crobat.

@draco-marco- Marcus is an Elite Four Member for Hoshido. He uses Fighting Type Pokemon with his main Pokemon being Gallade who can Mega Evolve. His initial team is Gallade, Lucario, Mienshao, Pangoro, Machamp, and Sawk. His all out team is Gallade, Gengar, Noivern, Aegislash and Zoroark.

@iceaquasoul/ @houmatsunokioku- Nagame is a spy and Admin of Team White Knight. His main Pokemon is his Phantump/Trevenant and his initial team includes Phantump, Grovyle, Crobat, Arcanine, Absol who he can Mega Evolve, and Leafeon. His all out battle team is Trevenant, Gengar who he can Mega Evolve, Greninja, Ditto, Hydreigon, and Zoroark.

@thewanderingmanakete- Mana is a Pokemon Professor Assistant in Hoshido. She helps Jin out with his research. She has a Fennekin as her partner but it doesn’t battle. Her team consists of Ninetails, Male Meowstic, Gabite and a Blaziken that can Mega Evolve. Later on she adds a Jolteon and a Stoutland to her team.

@jeneryl- Jin is a Pokemon Professor in Hoshido who studies Pokemon Abilities. His main Pokemon is his Feraligatr and his team includes Feraligatr, Haunter, Persian, Ludicolo, Pidgeot, and Scizor.

@iceaquasoul/ @houmatsunokioku- Amane is a Coordinator from Hoshido. Her team consists of a Shiny Metagross who she can Mega Evolve, a shiny Glaceon, Vaporeon, Aurorus, Dragonair and Frosslass. She’ll also switch out a Pokemon for Greninja at times. Hoshido also uses Amane to gather information.

@shellysaurus-rex- Shelly is a Puppeteer from Hoshido. She focuses mostly around Grass Type Pokemon with her main Pokemon being Snivy. Her team includes Snivy, Bellossom, Scyther, and Petilil.

@miki-7heaven- Papillion is a Bug Catcher from Hoshido. As such she specializes in Bug Type Pokemon. Her main Pokemon is her Butterfree. Her team consists of Butterfree, Escavalier, Galvantula, Volcarona, Accelgor, and Heracross.

Anyone in the Fatesona community can join. I’ll be reblogging this whenever I get updates. To talk about being in this AU, you can message @fujinyumeme and myself to discuss your role and team. I hope that this AU takes off and everyone who participates in this AU has fun.

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Welcome to the world of pokemon! Are you ready to become a pokemon trainer? Trade and battle with friends all around the world! Discover pokemon and fill your pokedex. Care for your pokemon and help them grow. Adventure awaits in the alola region! You will need a pokemon trainer club account, a nintendo 3ds system, a computer/ or smart device, and an internet connection. Pokemon moon! Made by the nintendo comlany for the famous handheld device worldwide known as the amazingly awesome rad 3DS!!!


Around Christmas time, Pokemon, without even announcing it, puts a free bit of DLC, the only DLC that they claim they will ever make fore a Pokemon game, on the Eshop for Sun and Moon.

When you come into the game, while wandering Alola you will be approached by an old man who tells you that he has come to Alola to put his journey to rest in retirement and gives you an old map.  You take it to the wooden dock on the island with the canyons and the man with the Magikarp boat says that he recognizes one of the islands on the edge of the map, and offers to take you to this location, but mentions that it is very far away.

You arrive on the island and find a small campsite with a notebook on a rock by the tent.  The last page of the book says that the owner has been all around the world searching for all the Pokemon to complete his Pokedex, and that this location is home to the final entry.

You leave the campsite and enter the forest which is very dense and offers only small pockets of sunlight.  Even though the path is covered in tall grass, no Pokemon appear and the music is really peaceful while at the same time invoking a sense of mystery.  Eventually you enter a clearing and see what appears to be the ruins of a temple.  As you go inside you can examine the walls, telling you that the glyphs on the walls depict a small Pokemon with a long tail and big feet, while the word “Mew” is the only legible word in the Unown writing that covers the walls.

As you enter the main chamber you find the torches lit as well as light shining down through a hole in the roof.  There standing in the middle of the room is a boy with a red hat and a red coat with a Pikachu following him around. 

You approach him and he offers you a battle with just a gesture.  His team is the strongest of any game, all 6 members of his team being at level 100.  The most difficult thing about this battle is that his Pokemon carry the same mechanic as yours from the Pokemon Amie and Refresh features, where they occasionally endure knock-outs and push themselves through the bonds that they share. 

Once the battle is finally over, you shake hands as equals.  Then the two of you hear a specific Pokemon cry from the back of the temple.  You follow him back to where the back room has collapsed away revealing a beautiful sunset cliff face where Mew is floating in its pink bubble watching the sun set.  As you two approach, Mew turns, noticing you two.  It takes off in its bubble flying over the ocean.  The boy waves to you with a smile before sending out his Charizard and following it into the setting sun. 

one time i was at my friend’s house when i was like 7 or something and pokemon was my special interest at the time so that’s all i talked about and my friend also happened to like pokemon so it was all good but her mum really didn’t like me and told me, an autistic child, that the world doesn’t revolve around pokemon and that really hurt me because for me that was my whole world and i think it was just a really shitty thing to say to a kid who was just having fun and enjoying something that made them happy.