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Another one! I really had fun with this :D

I think I should keep doing these… 

The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Generations, a new animated series of shorts inspired by every generation of the Pokemon games. Generations will consist of 18 episodes, each varying in length from about three to five minutes, highlighting some of the biggest moments from the games, all the way from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow to Pokemon X and Y. Generations will debut on September 16 at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET, with two of the 18 episodes premiering that day. All episodes will hit the official Pokemon YouTube channel.

Like if you would watch a Pokemon Go animated series, starring the three team leaders, and they wouldn’t go around catching Pokemon and battling for control over gyms, it’d just be the three of them being roommates, doing mundane things like eating breakfast, shopping for groceries, and playing SparkBall in their backyard, the sport that involves getting on the back of a Gyarados or Onyx and trying to get a ball into the opposite team’s goal, with only your mount making contact with the ball.



 Red, Green and Blue.

Since Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir concluded with its first season, I’ve been binge watching on some of the recent DC Animated films; particularly the ones featuring Damian Wayne.

One of the films I recently checked out was Justice League vs Teen Titans (and loved it btw! Really can’t wait for the sequels to see more of the new TT team) and I’ve been itching to squiggle some fanart. I’ve also wanted to squiggle some art of the new Pokemon starters from Sun and Moon. So with that in mind, I figured why not creatively devise a way to fit both ideas into the same piece.

Ironically enough, each of the new starters reminded me of the DC boys I paired em up with. The minute I saw Litten, I immediately thought Grumpy Cat. No lie. You look me in the eye and tell me that Litten isn’t the Grumpy Cat of the Pokemon world. So who better to pair up the Grumpy Cat of the Poke-verse with than the Angry Bird of the DC Batman Universe. Looking straight at you Damian Wayne, you cocky yet loveable lil shit ♥.

Beast Boy, I had to pair up with Rowlet because not only do they both match up in terms of the whole green colour theme but they both also strike me as the life of the party type of characters—so expressive, so bubbly in personality. Definitely a perfect match.

That just leaves Blue Beetle with his lovely sea-pup, the new water Pokemon starter, Popplio. Do I even need to justify this one? Blue Beetle is blue. Popillo is blue. They’re both blue and everything is blue for them so daa baa di daa baa dye!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Illustrating this brought back a lot of nostalgic feels. Took me back to my old school days when I was major fangirl of  DC cartoons and the Pokemon animated series (still am actually). I’m happy that I was able to create a three part piece that incorporate both franchises together effectively. Hope my fellow Poketards and DC nerds will love this.

Enjoy all!

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)

Proposed watch list for people first getting into Pokemon the animated series:
  1. Indigo League (through the Viridian Gym)
  2. Pokemon: The First Movie
  3. Indigo League (the rest)
  4. Orange Islands (through Tracey catching Scyther)
  5. The Power of One
  6. Orange Islands (the rest)
  7. Johto League (through Ash getting Chikorita)
  8. Mewtwo Returns
  9. Johto League (through Ash getting Noctowl)
  10. Spell of the Unknown
  11. Johto League (through Chikorita evolving)
  12. Pokemon 4ever
  13. Johto League (the rest)
  14. First few episodes transitioning into Hoenn (optional)*
  15. Every movie through Pokemon Ranger (in English)
  16. Every movie through Pokemon Kyurem vs the Sword of Justice (in Japanese)**
  17. Kalos League (through Talonflame; in Japanese)***
  18. Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
  19. Kalos League (through Noibat)
  20. Hoopa & the Clash of Ages
  21. Kalos League (through Snowbelle City)
  22. Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
  23. Kalos League (the rest)
  24. Pokemon Origins****
  25. Pokemon Generations

*I say first few episodes because it provides a nice transition for whether or not the person want to watch all of the episodes from each series. While the series between Johto and Kalos have some real high points, they’ve also some extremely low points. So, it might be best to just select specific episodes if you’re helping a friend get into the series. Otherwise, the movies should be enough.

**After the change in voice actors, the Japanese voice acting tends to be better, overall (especially by XY). Also, no one needs to experience the Genesects movie.

***Same as the movies; the Japanese voice acting tends to be better and more engrossing. 

****Origins and Generations (as well as the other animated shorts tied to the games) are optional but worthwhile. If the person has prior experience with the games they could even be inserted after the Johto League. (Watching them beforehand might make for an awkward shift in graphics quality.