pokemon amie is ruining me

I can't play Pokémon in public any more.

(Well, I could, but I don’t want to risk it.)

I blame Pokémon Amie.

I levelled up my team’s friendship, and now they won’t stop being adorable at me during battles.

They apparently love me so much they’ll land critical hits, dodge attacks, survive attacks that would make them faint, cure their status ailments through sheer willpower… And every time, there’s that little heart above their head.

I haven’t seen anything this adorable since SoulSilver, with the Walking Pokémon. (And that was partly because I had a Gyarados that had appeared in pretty much all of my games at some point or another. We had history.)

On another note, Croagunk is surprisingly cute in Pokémon Amie. Its reactions to what you do are so. Bleeping. Adorable. ‘Cute’ or 'adorable’ are generally not the words that normally come to mind for Croagunk, but it just fits.

And Braixen’s 'stop poking me’ pose is amazing as well.

It’s all so freaking adorable!

[Edit: I managed to spell Braixen’s name wrong. In my defense, I nickname my Pokémon. His name was Vulken.]