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Almost a year ago, I vaguely remember some people on twitter (I don’t know them personally. Some friend of mine just shared their tweet to me via DM) complain about this

They said how the *bleep* Zinnia managed to survive that and only stayed injured and physically incapable to destroy the meteorite herself. Not to mention Rayqauza also shoot her with a hyper beam and it’s too painful for me to even look at it.

I guess (and based on my observations….) it got me thinking that I didn’t see or feel anyone complaining or wondering about this

Sapphire being crushed by Rono.

Trauma Salamence also attacked Rono in this panel. It not only made the Aggron crush our cute girl but also added a bit (or a lot) of force, making that impact on Sapphire almost… well… it could almost take her life. But she survived.

Both girls survived those life threatening attacks they’ve experienced.


The pokédexholders


(I appreciate the Skull Grunt holding back his boss from hurting himself any further. And Guzma reassuring his Pokemon they did a good job. But, yikes…)

Also, I can’t quite understand the Japanese, but Olivia apparently goes and tries to run after Guzma (to see if he’s okay after seeing him beat his own head around? To attempt to stop him from leaving? I can’t read Japanese so if anyone can tell me which, I’d appreciate it! :D) only to be stopped by Nanu.


All Females, All Male Protagonists, All Male Rivals + Emerald

Scanned from the “Colorful Collection” artbook doujinshi that was sold at COLORS 2016 Event. Please credit/source to this page if posted elsewhere.

Contact me if you want a higher resolution.

PokéSpe Week Day 6: Relationship/Friendship

Black and White

Black and White met when Black was screaming near where White was working on a advertisment for Xtransceivers.

Black managed to destroy a bunch of equipment, but White covered the expences and employed Black into her talent agency, so she could use his Tep in a film shoot. 

Black and White heard Team Plasma’s speech and Black chased after them, and White managed to lose work because of this.

They travelled as far as Nimbasa City together, until White’s Tepig Gigi left her for N and she decided to take on the Battle Subway.

Black left her his Braviary to help fight in the Battle Subway.

White recieved a Pokédex from Bianca, and met up with Black again a while later.

She atempted to reassure him when he thought he wasn’t going to participate in the Pokémon League and he was getting overwhelmed by what was happening around him.

White was taken by Team Plasma during the Pokémon League, and this made Black very distressed.

After Black defeated Ghetsis, he and White were reunited.

But then…

Black was sucked into the Light Stone.

It seems White is trying to remain strong and has continued with her life.
But she misses Black so much.