pokemon advance battle

Okay, you may be thinking to yourself “Alter, what the hell happened to your team?” Well I’ll tell you, the story about how My Zubat proved himself MVP in my Ruby adventure.

So I decided to play Pokemon Ruby on my trip to New York just to get excited for the remakes later this year. You may be asking yourself “What the hell happened to your team?” One word. May. I was heading up the route under cycling road up to mauville. I knew the rival fight was upcoming. Thinking i was well prepared, I ran right up to her, skipped all the text, and started the battle. First up, a shroomish. Simple enough right? I used my combusken’s peck to take it out just to conserve pp, and shroomish decided to be a jerk and activate effect spore. Combusken fell asleep. “May is about to send in marshtomp.” Well shit. I switched out to whismur, thinking uproar could do a decent amount of damage. It doesn’t. It hardly does any damage after I barely survive a mud shot. Whismur faints and I go into ralts. I know its cheap, but its my only option. I used double team to give myself a better chance of lasting longer. Marshtomp misses mud shot. Booyah, time to attack. Confusion does about as much damage as uproar. Ralts fails to dodge any more attacks and faints. I send in combusken, hoping to wake up first turn and double kick, which didnt happen. Zubat comes in, barely does anything, and faints to a water gun crit.

I wiped, leveled up my team to about 18-19 and challenged her again. Nothing special, all that changed was that I realized combusken’s double kick barely did any damage either. Then I realized something. Ralts and whismur both evolve at level 20. I grinded whismur and used a rare candy on ralts. Their stats looking much better this time around, I healed up, made sure combusken was leading, and started the battle. The first part was simple enough, I used ember on shroomish, making sure not to touch it, doing a fair amount. I think may realized I knew not to touch it this time and had shroomish use stun spore. Knowing she wouldn’t use stun spore twice in a row, I used a paralyze heal, even dodged a tackle, and took out shroomish with full health, so at least combusken could stay healthy in case I needed him. Marshtomp time. I sent in loudred, now with much better stats, used uproar, and got a nice chunk of damage out of it with a few uproars before fainting. Kirlia’s turn. I sent her in and used double team, hoping to get lucky. However, marshtomp promptly ignored that and hit kirlia with water gun for more than half and knocked out kirlia with mud shot. Combusken came in, and outsped it using double kick bringing marshtomp to 1HP. UGH. Combusken lived a mud shot by barely anything, got the speed drop again, and died to a water gun.

Well this is great, huh? Marshtomp got his torrent ability activated and water gun is the only thing that can hit zubat, my weakest team member. I was sure that my loss was secured. I reluctantly sent out zubat. Ready to lose, I just clicked astonish and waited for the worst to come. Zubat actually LIVED THE WATER GUN with 5 fucking hp to spare. Astonish took down marshtomp. After freaking out for a few minutes and recovering from slight shock/excitement, I finally pressed a and saw that zubat gained a bit over 900 exp and leveled up to 19. The only reason I didn’t level up zubat for this fight was because i didn’t think i’d be using him in this fight, but look where I am now.

Then, I felt a dreadful feeling as I realized that May still had one pokemon left. Numel. First thing I did was use a super potion on zubat, hoping i’d be able to take an attack well enough to be able to stand a chance, which i do. Ember does well under half allowing me to use bite. My strongest move, despite being special based, does a fair amount of damage. I figured I could rinse and repeat biting and healing until i won, which did seem cheap, but it was my only hope of not wiping out for the third time. I used bite and what do you know? Numel flinched! The tables had turned, this was my chance! I managed to flinch it 3 times in a row, getting it to red hp. The flinch streak broke and it hit zubat with another ember bringing me to 10 hp. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed something, ember burned zubat. I prayed to Arceus not to die from the burn damage. The burn takes zubat down to 5 hp once again. And in that moment it dawned on me. I’m faster than numel. I wouldn’t take burn damage next turn if I killed numel. I joyously hit bite, knowing it would kill, and watched numel fall. And as the victory theme played on the last turn, zubat finished the battle burned with 5 hp and all his other teammates knocked out. And that is how zubat kicked ass, took hits, proved his worth, and won the fight for me. I am definitely using Zubat in Omega Ruby when it comes out.  tl;dr My Zubat is the best one throughout all of Hoenn.