pokemon Caitlin


A couple tings I love: (a) Arrowverse characters, (b) eeveelutions, © cozy outfits, (d) quirky hoodies, (e) miss-match socks

this was like…therapeutic to draw. I like thinking about pokemon AUs, and I like to think if the league got all the eeveelutions, these are the heroes they’d go to.

Key: Eevee - Amaya Jiwe (also Mari McCabe, but I drew Amaya here), Vapoeron - Sara Lance, Jolten - Barry Allen, Flareon - Jax Jackson (maybe used to be Ronnie’s), Esepon - Cisco Ramon, Umbreon - Dinah Drake (former Laurel Lance’s), Leafeon - Oliver Queen, Glaceon - Caitlin Snow, Sylveon - Kara Danvers

I have explanations/potential AU plots for all of them including how the evolution happens and where they got the eevee and I’m WAY too invested 



The elite four are often regarded as the strongest four trainers (baring the regions champion) of the region in which they reside. The only exception being Kanto and Johto who share an elite four, which has changed over the years with Bruno being the only staying member. The concept of the elite four is based on the ‘four heavenly kings’ who are gods in Buddhism.

Day 17: E4

There’s not many Elite Four members that I particularly like tbh. You don’t really see any of them except for in their combat rooms at the end of the game (with the exception of the Alolan Four because of all that stuff). I drew Caitlin because I like her hair. She’s meant to look like she’s sleepy because that’s like her thing in B/W/BW2 but I think it just looks like she’s mid-sneeze. I just realised I missed her transparent wavy thing she wears too but this is a mess anyway soooo… :3

Hmm. Mysterious Lillie looks a lot like Caitlin from the Unova Elite Four. This certainly doesn’t hurt the theory about Caitlin appearing in Sun/Moon (which began based on her name appearing in the Japanese trailer and was fueled by her in-game quotes). Is Lillie her sister perhaps?

“This is my villa. I have villas all over the world”

“I used to own Battle Castles. Then I became one of Unova’s Elite Four. Will I be a Champion somewhere next? You never know!”