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Remember the time when a Teenager leaves his mother, his childhood friends and everyone that he know and love for search a Ass-20 years old man child?

Some more Donnie sketches at last because every day is Donatello Day!

I think I finally figured it out.  The first one is all a fever dream Leo is having.  He wakes up in this world where everyone’s in gaudy clothing and Donnie’s the king.  Leo wakes up and interrogates the confused Donnie on where his coat went to.

In the Pokemon AU I talked about on my main/RP blog, Donnie starts with a Popplio.  This is right after she evolves into a Primarina after clearing Leo’s trial (defeating the Totem Oricorio).  Primarina shows her appreciation with some nose nuzzles.

Then we have the AU where Donnie gets the Aeon Crystal instead of April, and he’s completely overtaken by Za-Naron.  I’d say he’s a little more diabolical than April was, and he uses his heightened knowledge to steal some of Rockwell’s and April’s DNA to acquire his own psychic powers.  More to come as the AU develops.

Finally, my take on human!Donnie.  I kind of thought of him as Japanese/Caucasian mix, and Splinter’s adopted child.  I also imagined him with long hair because it seems to fit him.  This is part of a Reverse AU, where the Turtles are humans and their human allies are mutants (April is a turtle, Karai’s a snake, Chey’s a grey fox, and Renet’s a rabbit, etc.).  

I’ll have another one-shot up before long, and possibly post my Dark April fic here, too.

This Day in 1D History - June 21



  • the boys stop by Radio Disney!


  • snapback sweeties arriving at the venue :))
  • and a peck for Lux <3
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Atlanta, USA 


  • Where We Are Tour concert – Paris, France #2


  • Jay shares an Insta of her boys <33

Ya boy is just a little past 500 now, but shit! I didn’t expect to get to this point with this blog! This is the fastest that a blog of mine has grown in a while, and it’s very exciting! Shit, the Pokemon roleplay community has been so welcoming for me, each and every one of you, it’s because of the support of my followers and roleplay partners that I have even reached this milestone. After continuously going on hiatus with other blogs and losing inspiration, I have finally found a muse that has stuck. To think that this version of Guzma, AU and all, has been embraced so positively just blows me away; as many of you know, I was extremely nervous about my portrayal when first bringing him out in the public, but all of you have made it so that I feel much more confident with everything that I write.

It’s safe to say that Guzma is going to be around for a long time.

Instead of doing a follower forever or a bias list (there’s so many of you guys, and honestly, each of my followers are important to me in one way or another, I would not want to miss out on anybody), I wanted give back to everyone; while I cannot make fancy graphics, icon PSDs or themes, there is ONE thing that I think I am particularly good at, something that has brought us all together:


This giveaway will involve very special Pokemon that will be distributed to the winners on their copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon! You will have until April 17th to participate.

To enter this giveaway:

  1. You must be following me.
  2. You must like or reblog this post. If you do BOTH, your url will get thrown into the raffle twice! That gives you twice the opportunity to win these awesome prizes!
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I will go in order from the first person to like/reblog and assign them a number. At the end of the giveaway, I will use a random number generator with image proof. This will be completely randomized, I do NOT play favorites or rig these things, that ain’t fair.

Ya boy’s a criminal, but he ain’t a cheater.

Prizes beneath the cut!

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