pokemon 150

Lt. Surge the lighting american. ‘MERIKA!!!

I love how america is canon in pokemon universe, thought I guess he would be from unova now, huh?



Hey, guys! Sorry it’s been a while! I’ve been busy as of late, but here’s a new piece I just finished for Anime North next week! I was going to work on a different piece, but then I randomly had the idea make an homage to Mewtwo’s past, and present. Also, it gave me an excuse to draw Armored Mewtwo, who was all kinds of badass!

I did a slight redesign on Mewtwo’s armor, but kept it relatively close to the original design. Also, I used Giovanni’s FireRed/LeafGreen design, cuz it’s way more intimidating than what he looks like in the anime!

Anyways, I hope ya like it! :D

“you know you’ve gotten cocky since we started dating”
“I wonder where I picked it up from…”


thank you guys so freaking much! I mean, my art isn’t that great!! I’m still in shock that you guys are crazy enough to follow me in a few short months like OMG!!

I know that I keep sounding like a broken record, but YOU GUYS are the one that keeps this blog going! You’re nice comments about my stories and art fills me with confidence and pride to keep going! 

Thank you guys so much! Keep being awesome!!

My spelling groups are names Squirtle, Sandshrew, Staryu and Snorlax. I’m now wondering if there are enough 1st gen Pokemon starting with M and R to repeat this for my Maths and Reading groups. What have I become?