pokemon 10th anniversary

Pokemon DPPT Fan Zine?

So Pokemon DP 10th anniversary is coming up soon, as a super devoted gen 4 fan I really want to do something special for Pokemon DP!!

 I was thinking of doing a zine, so far including me there are three people in on this. This is still in planning phrase but if anyone if interested please message me and we can talk about it, plan this out, and make this happen. Not limited to just artist, anyone can help!! Writers, artists, or just anyone that wants to help!!

Reblogs are appreciated!!

Thank you!!

To celebrate that this blog has over 251 followers, is time for a small giveaway. The price this time is a Celebi!


  • Only 1 winner will be picked
  • You have to be following this blog* 
  • Only one reblog and like by url.
  • The end time is February 1st

About the Pokemon:

It’s the 10th Anniversary one (2006 event). Ivs are not checked (I got it on a trade).

*For my next “Inu’s giveaway”, the giveaway will be open again for non followers, but followers get an extra pokemon (like usually). For this Celebi giveway, follows on my personal blog doesn’t count neither.