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Whoever sat one day in the conference room and pitched in the idea: 
“…. There should be a Baseball episode.”


A small gift on my behalf for Yamapikaria… Yamagushiran … 
[ @yamujiburo …maybe I should just call you by Kia. ] for… well no particular reason, maybe cuz you’re a cool bean? an MVP?
Eh  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but really why not, you do so much already for the folks.

“And for this, I give you not a trophy, but something much more important…”

*Takes off multiple sweaters*

All joke aside, I respect you as an artist. Keep being a cool bean and being creative bud!
You’re headed of in to creating more amazing things.

Been working on this for a few days now and I just finished. I’d meant to do something last year for the 20th Anniversary but I just never got around to it. Growing up I really loved Team Rocket, they were the best part of the anime. I haven’t kept up with the show since - I think I stopped watching during the Johto series, so series 2 or 3? - but doing some research the Trio have managed to capture some interesting Pokémon over the 20 year run of the show - or at least befriend some. I hope I didn’t miss any. I know James bought a Magikarp and Jessie caught a Shelder but I wanted to focus on the ones that hung around. 

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A little late, but here’s a new painting for #cutiesaturday! Jessie, from the Pokemon anime. She found a throne. A totally unused throne that absolutely didn’t have a princess using it.
Was difficult to get this one done in a single day, but I managed!

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