I drew this one during a live stream :) It was a really fun one to fuse and it could even look like an Alola form of Rapidash :D 


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My dash is slow and not really what my heart craves rn, so feel free to reblog if you post:

- Haikyuu!! (bonus points for seijoh)
- Voltron
- Kagepro
- Fire Emblem
- Love Live!
- Boku no Hero Academia
- Persona Series
- Pokémon
- Evangelion
- Pandora Hearts

On a more general scale also:

- Shitty memes and shitposts
- Dogs
- International Fashion/Couture
- Fashion in general, really
- Cloud/sky asthetic
- Vintage aesthetic
- Food (especially candy and pastries)

I’ll definitely try my best to check y’all out!