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So I know this blogs been quiet for a bit, but do not fear for we are still around. Thanks to the 1.2 SuMo update coming around at an inopportune time we lost the vast majority of our battle vids. :( So many wonderful fights we wanted you all to see.
We actually have a few challengers who have made their way into the Elite 4
and this season we are doing this a bit differently in that regard. Those trainers who manage to qualify for the E4 will run a gauntlet.They must defeat the 4 in any order without losing to be crowned champion. If they lose to an E4 member, any and all progress they have made with the other 3 will be lost and they must start the gauntlet over.
Now, we don’t want to clog y’all up with too much of the same thing so we won’t be posting every E4 win/loss, but don’t worry, you will get to see the prowess of our power players soon enough.

Obsidian Leader Patrick

Leader Jake Vs Challenger Sebastian

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Battle Code: 9YHG-WWWW-WWW6-3ARP

The first battle of Season 5 is finally here!  Starting off with a bang we have the Leader of the Gunmetal/Grey Gym going up against not only a former champion, but also a former Gym Leader as well, Sebastian!  This battle started off swiftly, with Jake immediately taking down Sebastian’s lead offering, however, the battle quickly changed tone right after that.  Can Sebastian keep up the momentum throughout the whole match, or will Jake pull things back in his favor? 

- Orange Leader Ben


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Yes I continued drawing these adorable babies instead of asks, but those will come tomorrow, that’ s a promise xD

Right one is a gift Jigg asked to do in addition to what I posted yesterday. left one is 1/3 OF MY SUNKERN LEGACY

Welcome everyone to Season Four of the Pokeleague! One of the most frustrating parts of getting your battle ready Pokemon team together is breeding. If you’re just as frustrated over missing out on that one IV or not having that right nature, we have an event just for you! 

To participate in this event, Trainers must submit a challenger form and join the league, then battle four of the many skilled gym leaders we have here and win. After the final win is confirmed, contact Gym Leader Sebastian for details on how to obtain the Ditto, with a Destiny Knot and Nature of your choice.

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Think you can survive the league? Then bring it on!