pokejinka references

Here are two lovely tank ladies that i’ve been training over the last few days. These babies are so unfair in battle it’s absolutely hilarious.

Pasha has high stats in both Def and HP and also pretty high base Sp. Def. Hard to get down.

And Zallaley is also an evil motherfuckers. High Def and HP plus Recover and skull bash as moveset. Jesus christ

No story yet, i gotta work on that

quick thing a thing of my sableye from ORAS.

Charivari is russian lady thief/dancer who works as a street performer, so she can distract people while she send out her shadow to steal people’s valuables. She tried the the same trick on Silvana’s team but she got busted. She and Silvana fought, Charivari lost (she was close to defeting her) and Silvana offered her to join the team instead of i dunno reporting her to the police or something.


*~Cute cotton candy boy~*

Jaoel is a Mew and was originally kinda of a fail save Zacharia created in case AHVEN destroyed his creation and had to start over. Nowadays Jaoel is just free, traveling around the regions and occasionally hanging out with Claude.

Jaoel can freely shapeshift into every person he touched once. Being said, he is also very cuddley and needs lotsa hugs. Also not very talkative.

I somehow managed to color this thing i did yesterday because i can’t put my hand down and not draw anything on a saturdays night ok.

It’s been a long time but here’s the fullbody ref for my lovely Hades. He got a slight makeover since the last time i’ve drawn him but nothing big.
I don’t really have anything story wise yet cuz there’s almost no information on Zygarde and i have to wait for Pokemon Z to come out to give him an actual backstory.

The only thing i temporarily got is that he lost most of his memory after a fight with his siblings and now he’s a traveling musician who poses as a shiny hydreigon. Oh and his voice sounds like Michael Stipe, the singer from R.E.M