pokejinka challenge

Listen up, pokemon gijinka artists!

While running this blog we’ve noticed that the gijinkas we tend to find are often, overall, pretty homogeneous  While browsing you’ll probably go through pages and pages of traditionally cute white girls and boys and certain pokemon are quiet obviously more popular than others. And our followers noticed this too! That’s why at their suggestion, we’re extending a challenge to the pokemon gijinka community to show us something different!

Shake up the usual designs and give us some characters of different races and a variety of body types and ages; characters that defy the ideas of “traditionally attractive”. Pick from pokemon that people usually think of as weird, difficult, or even ugly. Create “girly” pokemon as boys, “manly” pokemon as girls, or draw them with any gender or sex in-between (or with none at all).

Below is a list of suggested pokemon to spark some ideas, but don’t let that limit you! The point of this challenge is to work outside the box, so feel free to use whatever pokemon you’d like.

  • Grimer / Muk
  • Nosepass / Probopass
  • Yanma / Yanmega
  • Quilfish
  • Ledyba / Ledian
  • Ditto
  • Bidoof / Bibarel
  • Non-feminine Buneary / Lopunny
  • Non-feminine Eeveelutions
  • Non-feminine Vulpix / Nintales
  • Non-masculine Machop / Machoke / Machamp
  • Timburr / Gurdurr / Conkeldurr
  • Huntail / Gorebyss
  • Spinda
  • Unown
  • Foongus / Amoongus

Once you’re done, feel free to submit your awesome design directly to our blog or just tag it with “pokejinka challenge” and we’ll be sure to reblog it!