Alrighty! So since I’ve gotten a few requests for this so far, here’s the Pokemon-Glee masterpost for what’s gone on so far. Please let me know what other material is out there so I can add it!! 

Art: | Blaine feeding Cubone | Blaine’s team (unevolved) | Kurt’s Team | Height Difference (Sketch) |

Blaine’s team (evolved) | Blaine has an A+ ass | Blaine’s Team References | Blaine Finds Cubone (Collaboration with the wonderful rocketssurgery/gwladus!) | GRAPHITE IS ALRIGHT | A Million Dittos | Blaine’s Starters | Paprika (also known as oh wow no dot jpeg)

Fic: Blaine’s Starters 

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STDs aren’t pokemon (art, kendrawcandraw) | I Know It’s My Destiny (Fic, vicewithavice) | Snorlax (art, tealeafs) | Officer Anderson & Nurse Hummel (art, tealeafs) | Kurt and Espeon (art, keylasrixx) | NEW Breakfast with Snorlax (fic, bentbackedtulip) 

Gettinglostinneverland asked: If the glee kids were pokemons, what would each of them be?

OKAY I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS ALL DAY. YES. If anyone ese has thoughts let me know. 

First off, I think that Kurt would be a Prinplup and Blaine would be a Growlithe, because they’re the no-longer-a-baby penguin and the brave firehound:

and Quinn would be a deerling, because her character never stays consistent and the deerling changes with the season: 

(The rest of the kids under the cut)

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Okay, so can there be a story about how Quinn is a member of Team Aqua – high up both by way of her familial associations, who have always been near the top, and by way of her cunning and frequent ruthlessness – and how Santana is a member of Team Magma – high up because she clawed her way violently to the top; certainly she did not begin with the kind of ~dynasty to which the Fabrays can lay claim – and they’re arch nemeses who fall in love?

Because I’d be into that.

Catyuy asked: Klaine, Pokemon AU, a two on two battle.

“A Zubat? Really?” Kurt asked, tossing his pokeball in the air and catching it, and throwing it again, impatient. “Team Rocket sent…you two…on behalf of their entire organization to defeat me and my boyfriend, with an Ekans and a Zubat. Me, with four Platinum wins on the Contest Cirtcut, and my boyfriend, who gave up his title as Champion to raise Pokemon, but was never formally defeated. Are you serious?”

“Team Rocket will be avenged!” the blonde called, punching the air furiously. 

“Yeah, we know, you said that already!” Blaine called back lazily. He was still sitting at their lunch table, finishing off his sandwich and feeding pieces to his Eevee absentmindedly. “Can you let us finish our lunch at least? I don’t want it to get cold.”

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