Another batch of pokefusion, this time I add a bit more details to it.
-Onizard : The name keep telling me to make it demon like, so I think a dragon statue with 7 balls (of dragon of course) sounds good :D
-Golter : Originally i want it to be a Japanese Oni mask, but this group already had onizard on it, so I combine it with possessed with Leak Bali mask.
-Gentres: This one might be my favorite. Its been a while since I make scary illustration. And yes it still fells good.
-Porylee: I’m not gonna lie here, It looks silly and I can’t help to make it.

There’s a bunch other pokefusions that I want to make, but time will tell.


Type: Fairy/Dark
Classification: Wild Fae Pokemon
Height: 14′6″
Weight: 461 lbs
Ability: Maddening Aura - Greatly powers up the attacks of Dark and Fairy type Pokemon, but also inflicts confusion on them.

Description: Created through a modified process of Absofusion, its power proved to be too great to control. Its life energy can drive other Pokemon into a frenzy.