Name: Espechu

Category: the Sun Mouse Pokemon

Type: Electric/Psychic

Height: 2′11″

Weight: 60lbs

Body build: Bipedal, but can run quadruped

Espechu, much like their Alolan cousins, have psychic powers in which they use to control their electricity. These Pokemon are much more sophisticated at controlling their powers than Raichus in Alola, being able to harness more power than their cousins. They have the ability to levitate themselves, but they cannot ‘surf’ on their tails, as they are too small for them to stand on. Trainers with Espechus need to be worthy of training such prestigious Pokemon, or else the Pokemon might run away to find a more suitable trainer.

This is what happens when you fuse all the fire birdies together into one (gen 1-6). I tried to incorporate Ho-oh’s rainbow theme in case anyone is wondering why it’s feathers are glowing in a bluish tone. Btw, I also recieved an insane amount of meassages the past few weeks! I’ve only answered a fourth of them so far, so if you haven’t recieved an answer yet it does not mean that I hate you or haven’t read your message! I’m just really overwhelmed rn!