It has been announced that These Pokedolls will be released on June 7th in the Pokemon Center Japan locations! We will be stocking these (at pokecenterusa.net) after their release for $25 each before shipping! 

Also, if the Facebook page gets its 100 likes in about 12 hours from now, I will have FREE SHIPPING for all of next week! And maybe if it gets past that, these will have free shipping too. ;) Go like the page and tell your friends!


I went digging through my livejournal today and found some old Pokedoll collection photos! These were take when I reached the 150 doll milestone, so are quite out of date now (as I am over 200 dolls now) -but are still fun to look at! DX Wailord is so huge!

I really need to get my whole collection together for some new photos (with a better camera!) soon ^_^


The pile of pokedolls as of a few hours ago.  It figures that the mailman would deliver a package once I’d already taken the pictures.  That package, though, brought me up to 60 pokedolls!  I can’t believe it, I’ve more than doubled my collection in less than a year.

For those interested in which pokedolls I’ve got, you can view a list of my collection here or check out my posts tagged ‘pokedoll’ here.