pokedex phone


Sooo very excited about the new Rotom Pokédex so I thought what it would look like as a cell phone and here is two versions of RotomCellphone form. Faceless for when you have your phone locked and unlocked show it’s face :3 some variations with reflection on the “screen” for those who like that, hope you enjoy locking and unlocking your own possessed phone!


YOOOO MY NEW PHONE CASE CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY (Friday). I ordered it on Tuesday, so that goes to show how fast shipping was! aLSO I ORDERED IT BEFORE POKEMON GO WAS ANNOUNCED. COINCIDENCE??? I THINK NOT. I bought it on Etsy. The shop’s name is CellularUniverse if you’re interested in getting one. We can match, and be Pokémon masters together~ 。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。 I still have my BMO one, but it’s falling apart which is why I bought this one. orz

I just want to touch on what a genius creation Pokemon Go is.

Not only is it as close as one can get to real-life Pokemon, which brings a dream to life for millions of people, ranging from kids now to people who were kids in the ‘90s, but it presents the opportunity for so many connected products for Nintendo to sell. It’s marketing genius. Imagine them selling, in real life, the clothing available in-game, so that you can dress like your trainer. Imagine custom trainer cards, badges, the in-app purchases for various balls and items, Pokedex- and PokeNav-style phone cases, watches made to look like tech from the Pokemon games, plush Pokemon that people will buy because they want a physical version of their favorite/first catches and more. Conventions will have to create spaces for tournaments simply due to demand, cosplaying one’s own trainer will be more and more popular (which means merchandise sales will be up), and the buzz about the game will be non-stop for at least six months after it comes out, if it’s any good at all (and it looks like it will be). Pokemon is going to be more popular than ever (early 2000′s aside) because it will be interactive in such a new way, and a way that has been desired by so many for so long.

And I don’t think the impact will be limited just to Nintendo’s bottom line. I get the feeling that the travel industry is going to get so many more young people traveling, when they can, to find new Pokemon. And young people will be more active (hello Pokemon-brand activewear), be outside more, and spend more time at historically and/or culturally significant places (for the items and gyms). I feel like the impact of the release of this game is going to be unprecedented in Pokemon and video game history.