1. Burn it all down! The flame has arrived! (Flareon)
2. Shock them all! The lightning has arrived! (Jolteon)
3. Freeze everything! The fresh snow has arrived! (Glaceon)
4. Light them up! The sun has arrived! (Espeon)
5. Time to evolve! A flame is born! (Eevee)
6. Flood everything! The bubble jet has arrived! (Vaporeon)
7. Cut through everything! The verdancy has arrived! (Leafeon)
8. Shine upon them! The moonlight has arrived! (Umbreon)
9. Enchant them all! The intertwining has arrived! (Sylveon)

Which one would you choose?
(i don’t know who drew this, but it’s amazing)

Hey guys! If any one is having struggles filling out their pokedex fear no more!!! An amazing project is being done to help people finish their National Dex + Shinies!!!

A Reddit project has created a living pokedex where you can find scannable QR codes for every pokemon!
As of right now (Feb 24 2015) Gens 1, 2 and 3 are complete!!!

But how can I make a QR code into a pokemon in my XY/ORAS game?

Here are the steps:
1) Find the pokemon QR you want. Click the link to view the spread sheet and find whatever pokemon you’re having trouble getting

2) Open your XY/ORAS game, and access your PC box. Make sure Box 1 Slot 1 is empty!! Exit the PC box and leave your character in front of the PC box.

3) Press the home button then L+R to access the 3DS Camera. Press the QR reader button (little checkered box in the bottom screen)

4) Scan the code!!

5) Hit OK to both options and make sure you can connect to the Internet. Your browser will open and the bottom screen will turn black. Wait for the ERROR message.

6) Hit OK in the ERROR message and go back into your pokemon game

7) Access your PC box again and there you go!! Your pokemon should be in the first box, first slot!

NOW, the game will not automatically register this pokemon into the Dex. So the next steps are for registering your Pokemon. There are 2 methods:
1) Put the pokemon into the Day Care each time but this costs 100 poke dollars every time and you can only do 2 at a time.
2) Use pokebank!

Steps for Pokebank method:
1)put all the Pokemon you want to register into an PC box then go to Pokebank

2) deposit the Pokemon into the bank, save and exit to title screen

3)go back into the Pokebank and retrieve the Pokemon and put them back into your game PC box

4) go back into your game and check your Pokedex! The pokemon should be registered!

Happy Dex Completing!!!!

Requested by dead–joker and darknessoflightreborn

Ah, Charmander. The very first fire type in the pokédex and my personal favorite Kanto starter. Charmander’s tail has a bit of a reputation in the pokémon world, based on an early anime episode where its stated that if Charmander’s tail ever goes out, it will die.

However, this is misleading. Charmander’s flame isn’t a candle he carries around for fun. His tail flame is a biological process in his body, equivalent to us exhaling. The status of his tail doesn’t affect his health, but rather his tail reflects his health. If Charmander’s tail burns dimly, you can think of it like having dark circles under your eyes, or looking pale when you are sick.

For example: Red’s Charizard in Pokémon Origins is shown to be completely submerged but his tail still burns brightly. As goodnamesareoverrated explained in this post, this is because Red’s Charizard is perfectly healthy, and its fire is fueled internally rather than depending on oxygen in the atmosphere.

I compared it to breathing before: let’s expand on this. To start, its important to understand exactly what fire is. You shouldn’t think of fire as a physical “thing”, but rather a process. When you look at a fire, you’re really seeing a chemical reaction taking place. In the case of a campfire, the reaction is a two-step process between the wood (a fuel) and the atmosphere (oxygen). The equation looks something like this:

This is definitely not the only way to start a fire, though. As I just said, this reaction depends on oxygen from the atmosphere, and would be suffocating underwater. If you supply the oxygen from somewhere else, its completely possible to sustain a fire underwater.

A good example of this is gun powder, where potassium nitrate (KNO3) supplies the oxygen and so there is no need for the atmosphere’s help. Thermite reactions are similar, such as iron thermite and copper thermite:

As humans, we intake a lot of oxygen through breathing, and its stored in our blood. Perhaps Charmander uses the oxygen he breathes to store as fuel for his fire, in one of these types of reactions.

Anyways, you get the point. With the right reaction, Charmander’s tail won’t depend on outside sources like rain or suffocation, but only on his internal health. When you’re sick or have allergies, you might find it hard to breathe, like Charmander finds it hard to maintain his tail. When he’s happy and healthy, his tail burns brightly.

Charmander’s tail flame is a biological process, similar to breathing, which does not depend on external factors. When it is unhealthy, the flame burns weakly.

When it is weak, Charmander’s flame might be more susceptible to outside threats. Once a fire goes out, its hard to get it started again.