pokeddexy day 31

POKEDDEXY Day 31 - All Time Favourite: Elekid (Same as last year)

I’ve been keeping the same Elekid with me since 2007 back in Diamond version. Her name is Haruko. Haruko has been a big member of my teams since that time and has proved time and time again that even a little Pokemon can stand up to the biggest brutes. Beating a Giratina on Pokemon Battle Revolution was a good sign of that (albeit it was confused and frozen but THAT’S HOW THE POKEMON DO)

Never believe you need to use specific Pokemon to be able to win battles. Raise those you really enjoy, and find your own way to make them the best they can be. Pokemon XY’s new breeding/IV/EV mechanics really help with that!

Pokeddexy challenge day 31: All-time favourite Pokemon: VULPIX & HERDIER!

It’s 11:59, I did it!

/So yeah, Vulpix has been my favourite ever since I first saw her in 1999 so it was quite surprising that another Pokemon could actually ever compete with her, but as of gen 5, Herdier’s been just as dear to me as the lovely firefox. ;v; <3 They’re both my babies and I could never choose which one I like more.

It’s been a lot of fun, thanks for liking my pics, lovelies! <3 And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

POKEDDEXY DAY 31: All-Time Favorite

I DID IT. I ACTUALLY FINISHED A CHALLENGE. I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF. ;w; But yes! Happy New Year to everyone around the world! To those who are in 2014, I wish you a great year! For those who are still in 2013 like me, let’s hope 2014 will be awesome! Lugia’s here to celebrate with some sparkling cider, because that stuff’s delicious. UvU

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Pokeddexy - Day 31  -All-Time-Fav Pokemon


I’ve loved this pokemon ever since it came out in Diamond and Pearl. I’ve never fallen so hard for pokemon in my life, I just utterly adore everything about it. I love it’s evo line and it’s descriptions (And it’s Mega!)

Lucario all the way. All day everyday <333

POKEDDEXY Challenge, Day 31 - All-Time Favorite Pokémon: Honedge

Reasons why I love the Honedge line:
a) they’re designed by Hitoshi Ariga

Last day, last Pokémon - this time my ultimate favorite from the new generation (because I already drew Charizard on the Mega Evolution day).The challenge has been fun and terribly nerve-wrecking at the same time. See you next December?