pokeddex day 4

SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 4 - Favourite Water Type: Primarina

There were quite a few interesting water types in gen 7 but I chose Primarina because not only it surpassed my expectations it only has a lovely concept. I do have some personal issues with it though, mostly regarding the design and its functionality and also the fact that it’s a tad too much “ocean primadonna princess” and a bit too little “slightly menacing siren” though there is something slightly unsettling about it. In a good way.

Anyway, since like 50% of the design seems to be some kind of accessory I chose to interpert the mane and some of the frills as seaweed because I just couldn’t bring myself to make it actual hair. I thought that being such divas Primarina most likely like to accessorize themselves with things they find in the sea. Trainer owned Primarina probably have better accessories but the wild ones will need to settle with things like seaweed and garbage that is thrown into the ocean. I would probably choose to do things differently later on, with more time and effort, but this is what I got for now. Still, it’s a very nice Pokemon.

Pokeddex 2015 - Randomized Day 4 -Random Poison type: Roserade

Rosedare is pretty cool I guess. I’m not a big fan of “mysterious masked gallant” types in general, but this could’ve been a lot worse. Roserade has a pretty cool concept and design so it was quite nice to draw. Roses are always nice.